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Miss Deborah
The WWE Rib-Off
Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:42pm

I had this in my head for a long time,so I had to put this out. Remember that the characters I own are MINE.

CM Punk and his lady Rebecca Hardy were chatting with Becky's big brother, Matt. All three were joking around until Punk's very clever practical joker girlfriend had a brilliant idea to amuse themselves.

"Gee, why there have been no big ribs to pull off? I mean, it's gotten to be truly disapointing right now. It's gotten so boring. I mean, we need to do a rib that is so spectacular, It will be a legend in the locker room for a good long time."

"Whoa, sassy," Punk called her by the nickname he gave her, much to Matt's amusement. "I know that look, you have an awesome plan in mind." "Care to share with us, Becks?" Matt asked, but fearing the answer she would give. Matt would have a good reason to fear, since his youngest sibling used to torture Matt and Jeff with very original pranks.

"How about a rib-off."

Punk regarded Becks with a very confused look. "A rib-off." Matt had to ask, "What the hell is a rib-off?"

With a smile on her face, Becks was more than happy to oblige. "Simple, we all pay a $200 fee," Becks said, pulling out her $200 and setting it in the White Sox hat laying on the bench in the hall they were in. She then continued. "We then see who can pull off the greatest, wildest, sickest, funniest ribs you have ever seen. After three weeks of this,we get together and judge who pulled the greatest rib, and we then award the money prize." With a smirk, Becks asked, "Are you guys in?"

Matt and Punk were looking at each other warily, But, Punk started snickering, saying "I'm in. This is going to be awesome." He picked her up for a deep kiss. then he pulled out his $200 end of the prize money, putting it in the hat "I may regret this, but I'm in," Matt said, pulling out $200 and placing it in the hat.

"I'm in too." John Morrison strode to the litte group, taking out $200 and putting it in the hat. "I think you guys are nuts, but you're right. I can really pull off some really psycho ribs. Plus, I kinda feel bad for the potential victims we're torture." After a few minutes, Morrison grinned. "Like hell I do."

"You guys may as well give me the prize money right now," Sheamus says with a smile and his share of the prize money. "I am the true master of ribbing."

With some chuckles, Punk quipped in the Irishman's direction, "C'mon Irish, the last rib you pulled gave Miz a full body rash." He said, remembering that he saw Sheamus switching Miz's shampoo and soap, leaving poor Miz with a burning rash that left him scratching all over his body until he was bleeding. This kept Miz off of TV's for three months. "Miz still wants to kill you." Punk told Sheamus. With a chuckle, Sheamus told Punk. "Not gonna happen, mate. I hope he tries"

"I didn't think ribs were your style, bro" Jeff Hardy came over to the group, putting his $200 in the hat. Jeff then glanced in his youngest sibling direction making out with her Straight-Edge boyfriend. "Why do I think that this was your idea?" Jeff asked, raising his eyebrow. Turning away from her boyfriend for a few minutes, she answered with a mischievous smile. "Because it is, babe."

Leaving her boyfriend's embrace for a few minutes, Becks grabbed the hat and counted the money. OK, guys. We have $1000 in the pot, and if anyone else wants in the rib-off, let them," she told her cronies. "As for the five of us, all I have to say is, may the best ribber win." All the rib-off participants put in their hands and did a mass handshake"

Becks smiled and said to herself. "Let the games begin,"

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