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Miss Deborah
The WWE Rib-Off 2
Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:38am

Big Show walked into the catering, bringing a tray full of barbequed hamburgers, hot dogs. and ribss that his wife Bess made just before he came to the arena. Show's wife made too much food while they were testing out their new barbeque the night before, but Show and Bess made a little too much food. Show offered to take what's left to the guys.

"Hey, guys." Show boomed. The guys greeted Show, then asked about the tray of food. "Bess and I got a new barbeque last night. We invited a few friends over, and I guess we made too much, so I offered to bring the food here, put them in the arena's kitchen oven and share with you guys." Show added. "Help yourselves."

Many wanting some real food after all the traveling, they all came grabbing stuff off of the platter and condiments in and around catering. There was one hot dog left, and Rey Mysterio went to get it. Little did anyone know, this was a "special" dog.

Tle little luchador went to get the hot dog, but is wasn't coming off the platter. Show made like he was being pulled, and he was. Among the food, Show put his penis in a hot dog bun and Rey was tugging at it, wondering why it wasn't coming off.

Rey finally figured out that he was unintentially giving Show a hand job, and he was insanely pissed. He was cussing in his language and flung the platter. He left catering in a rage, stalking to the nearest bathroom to wash his hands. Punk and Becks were about to enter catering when they saw Rey storm out.

Seeing Show wearing a hot dog bun around his cock, the other guys figured out what happened really quick.

There was a lot of roaring laughter in catering. Punk and his sassy were watching the action and cracking up themselves. Greeting his friends, Show asked. "You think that was too sick? I would not want to lose my shot at winning the rib-off." Smiling and giggling at the newest entrant in the rib-off, she told him. "Well, I say that for you, this was the best $200 you spent, and maybe the best $1200 you might win. No, that wasn't too sick."

"Well, I don't know, babe." Punk said. "Remember that the game's not over yet."

Giggling, Becks agreed with her man. "No, it isn't."


  • The WWE Rib-OffMiss Deborah, Sun Jul 18 11:42pm
    I had this in my head for a long time,so I had to put this out. Remember that the characters I own are MINE. CM Punk and his lady Rebecca Hardy were chatting with Becky's big brother, Matt. All three ... more
    • The WWE Rib-Off 2 — Miss Deborah, Mon Jul 19 8:38am
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