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I heard.....
Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:05pm

I think someone mentioned it once, but I forgot, I think it was something with an 'S'.

  • hmmmAllie, Fri Aug 27 8:36pm
    Did you ever learn what her real name was? Surely it's not Ladyjackyl. Lol.
    • I heard..... — Takerslady, Sat Aug 28 4:05pm
      • Hmm...allie, Mon Aug 30 1:31pm
        That's interesting.
    • Re: hmmmMoxie, Fri Aug 27 8:40pm
      No, never got her name. Was just curious what ever came of her, but if it's one of those things where she purposely disappeared and wants her privacy, I dig.
      • Yea...allie, Fri Aug 27 8:49pm
        I can understand that. Either that or she just stopped writing fanfiction altogether.
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