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Sat Sep 25, 2010 4:14pm

Last time I checked, her website was still posted on the web. When was it shut down?


  • search, please helprelmes, Mon Sep 13 9:31pm
    hi all. okay, so I might not be all that great with searching, but I need to ask a favor of you guys. i noticed that lady jackyl's ff site was down. I wondered if anyone had any alternate links of... more
    • Re: search, please helpPezzie, Wed Sep 28 4:58pm
      Found a working link for Lady J:
    • Re: search, please helpiceangel, Sat Oct 2 11:29am
      Hey guys, I have been looking for LadyJackyl's "Taste of Morocco"-series: I used to find it on The website seem to have been shut down a few months ago though :( Does... more
      • Re: search, please helpJezebelle, Sat Mar 5 7:33pm
        I wish I could help. I emailed her probably a year ago, wondering where I could find her fic and never got a reply. I miss her fanfic so much, it was amazing!!
        • Re: search, please helpAnonymous, Mon Mar 7 6:25am
          Agreed, it was so great! I googled ladyjackyl a while ago trying to find a working e-mail adress, but zero luck :-( U wouldn't happen to remember what adress u sent your e-mail to, or what fanfic... more
    • Really? — Allie, Sat Sep 25 4:14pm
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