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Excerpt from my story, I've Lost My Smile
Mon May 9, 2011 10:16pm

Part II, Section I:

Later that night in the hotel lobby:

"Well, you think I like this any more than you do?" Bret asked while standing in front of the main desk.

Shawn growled underneath his breath, probably!

"Oh," Bret finally managed to say to the hotel desk clerk after a few moments, "a room for two, please?" Shawn glared at Bret once again. Did Bret just say what he thought he just said? A room for two? Oh man….

And that is when Shawn noticed the look on the hotel clerk's face. 'Oh god! Please don't be getting the wrong idea! Me with him? UGH! I'd rather die the most excruciating death than be with this asshole! Man Vince, you are SO going to be paying for this! I can promise you that.'

"A room for two, are you sure?" The woman asked half-surprised.

"Yes, I am…." Bret calmly responded.

"Okay then," the woman managed to say while seemingly snickering under her breath. "Room 213, have a nice night." And as Shawn turned his back to follow Bret down the hall, he could hear the lady giggling from behind the counter. It was at that moment when he realized he was in for a long night.

"So," Shawn inquired upon entering the vacant hotel room. "Where do I put my stuff?" Bret scanned the place cautiously.

"Anywhere, I suppose." Shawn then slammed his bag down upon the floor in the farthest corner away from the bed, and unzipped its top pocket to fetch some clothes to sleep in. Then as he stood up, he glanced over to see Bret making a break for the bathroom door.

"And just where in the hell do you think you're going?" The icon questioned smartly.

"Gonna take a shower. You take all damn night when you take yours, so I get first dibs. Excuse me!" Bret slammed the single bathroom door behind him, leaving Shawn in a raging fit.

'Personally make it up to me, huh?' Shawn thought to himself, reflecting upon Vince's persistent words. 'Nothing and I mean NOTHING you could do is going to make up for this! This is hell on earth. And Vince, for putting me through this, I am going to make you pay. You'll see!'

-20 Minutes Later-

Shawn was finally in the shower washing his hair while reflecting upon the day. It had only taken Bret eight long minutes for him to finish taking his shower, and now the shower finally belonged to Shawn! He didn't care what Bret thought, he was going to take all the time he wanted to wash his hair, and there was nothing Bret could do to stop him! So here he was, the champion, the Icon, the Headliner, stuck in some dinky hotel room with the man he hated the most. Hopefully Bret would be smart enough not try to piss him off too much because if he did, he was going to be hurting in the morning!

Not like that concept bothered Vince. That man had no conscience and he probably put the two of them together on purpose. That is what angered Shawn the most. The fact that he and Bret couldn't stand each other was just an excuse for their boss to force the two of them together. Maybe his boss had created the idea of Shawn dropping the belt to the Hit Man in the first place. Then again, that was typical Vince; he was known for making people suffer for his own benefit. But at that precise moment, none of that really mattered to Shawn for he was too busy washing his hair. Happily sighing to himself, Shawn poured some more shampoo into the palm of his hand while Bret continued to deal with his own issues back in the main bedroom.

'Damn, does that asshole like to drown himself in there or what?' Bret thought to himself while looking at the room's solitary digital clock. It was now 7:30 in the evening and it had only taken him eight minutes to completely finish taking his turn in the shower, but when it came to Shawn, Bret wasn't sure if that Pre Madonna was even close to being done! And 25 minutes had already passed! Jesus! When was that drowned rat going to finish washing his damned hair? Was Shawn even alive? Slowly, Bret approached the bathroom door and knocked loudly. "Hey, you alive in there or what?"

"Screw off!" Shawn's muffled voice screamed in response. Bret found himself laughing at that one.

"Hey, don't growl at me, I was just checking to see if you were still alive." Bret sarcastically remarked. "After all, I was starting to think I was gonna have to call the morgue and report a drowned six-foot-one rat lying in the shower of the hotel's bathroom." Surprisingly, he could still hear water running from the inside of the bathroom. Miraculously, that bastard still had water left to use! He'd be darned!

"Yea, and you're gonna be going to the morgue if you keep pestering me!" He heard Shawn shout in return. Damn, Bret didn't expect the diva to get so snappy with him. Reluctant to say anything else, he waited as Shawn continued to waste the entire earth's supply of running water.

Shawn, however, just waited for a response from his sworn nemesis, but was surprised when he heard the Hit Man say nothing. 'Huh, looks like the Hit man is getting smart after all. But wait, I can't be that lucky…can I?' Hesitantly, Shawn decided to test his luck. "…Bret?" Shawn said as he poured some more shampoo into his hand.

Bret's POV-

Did he just say my name? Nah, I must be hearing things. After all, he just wants me to die and vanish off of the face of this earth, right? Well, maybe he actually needs something. Oh, please don't tell me that's so, because if he does then I'm not giving it to him! No matter what that something might be! Seriously, I could care less. But just to be on the annoying side of things, I guess I could ask. "Hey Shawn, did you say something in there?"

I remain standing in front of the closed bathroom door while waiting for the damn slut to respond. Then after a few moments, I finally hear life coming from inside the bathroom when he says, "Yea, just checking to see if you're finally dead yet!"

Go figure. He wants me dead, and I want to get out of this room right now. But unfortunately, that isn't going to happen because I have no other room to stay at for the night. So I have to stay here with the person whom everyone else considers to be the biggest slut in the business. I am so disgusted by that thought alone that I can almost cry. But I can't let Shawn know that I feel this way around him. Hell, he'd probably take full advantage of it, and of me! And that just isn't going to happen.

Finally after a few minutes, my feet begin to get tired from standing at the door, so I decide to hit the bed and read some of my magazines. Oh, how I love to read those!

Shawn's POV-

Ha! I got him going, didn't I?–Squirts the last of the entire shampoo bottle into his hand- What? Oh my god, you have to be freaking kidding me? No more shampoo? B-but I only used just a little bit. Well, a little compared to what I'm used to using, anyway. –Opens the shower curtain and sees no extra shampoo bottles-Damn it! Guess Bret is good for something, I suppose. "Hey Bret! Got any shampoo? I'm out!"

Bret's POV-

'What?' I think to myself hearing Shawn say those last few words from inside of the shower. I peer toward the bathroom doorway just thinking to myself that there could be NO WAY that he used that whole bottle. I only used a tiny bit, and that was enough for my entire scalp. By the time I finished, that bottle was still full! Surely there was no way. "What do you mean you're out?" I wait….And wait some more. Man, this guy is hard of hearing, isn't he? "…Shawn, I said what do you mea-.."

"I know what you said," I hear Shawn scream from inside the bathroom. "And what do you think, Dumbass? I'm out! There's no more left! You have any more?"

"Hold on. Let me look." I say to nobody in particular as I climb out of the nice, warm bed, kneel down upon the floor, and search through my belongings. Seriously, I cannot believe this! He uses the entire bottle and now he expects me to give him more? For what? So he can use all of my shampoo as well? I don't think so.

Suddenly, my hand finds a round shampoo bottle buried deep within the confines of my gym bag, and just looking at it makes me even more hesitant to share it with Shawn. I just bought this bottle, damn it, and I don't plan on using it so quickly; hence I used the hotel's stock instead. Turning toward the door, I address Shawn once again. "Are you sure you need any more? I only have one bottle left!"

"Yes! Then give it to me, jackass!" I hear him say. Nice comment, I must admit. Although I have heard so much better from other people about Shawn! But of course, being the respectful gentleman that I have to be, I don't say what I'm actually thinking. Instead I just bite my tongue and comply with the princess's wish!

"Well, here it is. Come and get it yourself." I say to the door.

"I can't, Bret, I'm in the shower. Come in here and give me the darned shampoo!" Shawn's voice shouts in response. I realize that he wants this shampoo so bad, but there is no way in hell that I am going in there with a sleazy ass, butt naked Shawn Michaels! NO WAY IN HELL IS THAT HAPPENING! I might lose my precious eyesight. I might die if I go in there. Who knows? I just want to spare all five of my senses, so no thanks to waltzing in there. I'll pass!

Then again, his voice starts to pester me as he practically shouts at me once again. "Bret….SHAMPOO!" Oh god. Someone please, please get this man to shut up before I kill him myself! Then as if answering my prayers, there is the beautiful sound of silence coming from the bathroom. I smile to myself, thinking that I was successful of shutting up the Heartbreak Kid once and for all until I hear the hick's voice scream at me one more time. "….Bret…..?" Irritably, I respond back.


"Give. Me. SHAMPOO!" Does he think I'm stupid? I can understand full sentences, you know. However, with this hick from the south, I can't honestly say the same for him. "BRET! I'M NOT GONNA BE STANDING HERE ALL NIGHT, DAMN IT!" Okay, fine, I think to myself. If he wants this shampoo bottle so bad, then I guess I'll have to give it to him.

Oh why do I have to be so kind to him? I can just make him suffer. But oh well. I guess this is it, isn't it? And just to protect my eyes from being blinded by the sun or whatever else is in there, I'll cover them with my hands. After all, I can never be too careful when it comes to my precious eyesight, right? So here I go, covering my eyes and stumbling around like an idiot. I really can't see. But it's better than Shawn's nasty body causing me to lose my sight permanently. So, after stumbling around the main bedroom for about five minutes, I finally manage to open the door and stagger into the bathroom. Oh, this is just wonderful!

Shawn's POV-

Oh my god! What is he covering his eyes for? What a pathetic loser. He looks like he's drunk! In fact, I find it hard to resist the urge to laugh out loud at his crazy antics, but somehow I manage to keep a straight face as he staggers around the room. I see him stumble some more and what I see is nothing short of hilarious.

He begins by staggering into the sink and bumping his knee. Then he slips and falls upon the wet floor. After regaining his composure-or lack thereof-he finally gets back onto his feet only to hit his head on the corner of the sink that he just walked into. What a retard!

For crying out loud, I knew this was going to be one long night, but even I had no idea it was going to be this bad! "Hey Bret, over here!" I say to him. He just doesn't get it, does he? You have to open your eyes in order to see where the hell you're going. That's just a thought but still, it's a good one, and I don't think Bret realizes this much! He just thinks he can find his way around this damned place without opening his eyes. Hell, if he can then more power to him. But just watching this dumb ass trip over himself in this manner is really starting to make me laugh. I am trying so hard right now not to, but by the looks of it, I'm not trying very hard because he can hear me giggle under my breath.

"Shut up!" He mutters. I can't help it, I burst into a fit of laughter. He should really see himself right now because if he could, he'd be trying just as hard not to laugh his ass off.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha! Bret, I'm over here! Just hand the shampoo bottle to me already." I tell him, but he still continues to cover his eyes with one hand while attempting to hold the bottle in the other. I don't want to leave the safety of the shower, so I remain standing there with water pouring on top of me as I watch him continue to stagger.

"Ouch!" He cries after bumping his knee once again. Only this time, it's the toilet that has to suffer. My god, this is so funny, it's almost sad.

"Bret, for crying out loud, open your god forsaken eyes and just give me the bottle!" He finally opens his eyes and looks down at the shampoo bottle in his hand. Yes, Bret, that is what I'm asking for. Just give it to me already. Waiting for him to hand me the bottle of shampoo, I stand there and watch as he walks toward the shower, then looks down at the empty shampoo bottle laying upon the shower stall floor before looking up at my….

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! AAAAAAHHH MY EYES! AAAHHH! HELP! HELP! I'M ...ING BLIND! HERE! Take this!" He says as he throws the bottle at me. It doesn't land in my hand, though, so I have to bend down to pick it up, which leaves me even more exposed. He screams again and runs out of the bathroom in complete horror.

Oh my god. I have no idea what his problem is, I'm not all that bad! But I have to admit that I'm really shocked by the whole ordeal. So, needless to say, I quickly shut the glass shower door in front of me and don't move a muscle for what seems like an eternity afterward. Finally, after a solid five minutes or so, I presume washing the rest of my hair in complete silence. Damn, I'm still in shock over what just happened.

Bret's POV-

I shut the bathroom door behind me as I try to catch my breath. I can't help but think to myself, Oh my god! NO! I did not just scream, and I did not just look down at Shawn's cock! I cannot believe that just happened. What kind of idiot am I to keep stumbling all over the damn bathroom anyway? That was just a stupid thing for me to do. He's a guy just like me, after all, but at the same time, he's not. He's a slut, for Pete's sake! He probably loved my eyes gazing down upon him, and that's just sick! Hell, I'm talking about the same guy who would probably never say the word "no" to any wrestler….no matter how young or old…as long as he could get some, he will try to by any means necessary! At least that is what I've heard.

Although I am indeed bisexual, I would rather go for someone who has at least a little more dignity than Shawn. That's for sure. My heart won't stop racing as I lean my back against the bathroom door. Is he still in there? Gosh, I hope so! I hope he stays in there, too. I don't need to face him. Not now anyway. I think I'm seriously scarred for life, and I know that because the sheer thought of Shawn won't stop running through my head.

God, what is wrong with me? I hate Shawn! I hate him, I mutter to myself, hoping that my constant reminder will help to clear my mind of the image of Shawn's body. Then it happens…I inwardly panic as I hear the shower suddenly turn off. Oh God, please don't open the door, please don't open the door, please –click- "Oh," I hear myself saying aloud to the Icon. "You finally done in there or what?" I step away from the door and allow Shawn to walk passed me.

Shawn's POV-

What the hell is wrong with him? We're both men, its not like he has just seen something that he hasn't seen before. "Yea, I'm done," I finally say. "Here's your shampoo…" I hand him the full bottle, and walk toward the corner of the bedroom in order to grab my clothes. Stupid me! I should have remembered to bring the clothes into the bathroom with me before I took the damned shower. But yet, it's almost like a blessing in disguise because there is something else I would like to retrieve from my bag as well. I tug at the towel wrapped around my waist to tighten it as I notice Bret staring at me; just what does he want? "What?" I ask him impatiently, grabbing my clothes.

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