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Excerpt from my story, I've Lost My Smile
Mon May 9, 2011 10:18pm

Part III:

Bret continued with his reading until Shawn stumbled out of the bathroom. That's right-stumbled. He looked up at Shawn, and saw that he appeared very tired. Trying not to pay much mind, however, he barely acknowledged that anything was wrong.

"So, you have fun in there? I see you didn't need any of my shampoo," Bret said, holding up the full bottle, "the bottle is still practically untouched."

"Well, err…." Shawn began drowsed, "I wouldn't want to put your shit ass stuff in my hair anyways…" Shawn turned to look at Bret, and almost felt like passing out at that very instant.

"Just what is that supposed to mean?" Bret asked in return. "My shampoo is PERFECTLY fine!"

"No it's not," Shawn muttered, "God knows what kind of slime you put on your head-curly cue!" Curly cue! What on earth….? Bret shook his head in confusion for a moment as he stood up and got face-to-face with the Heart Break Kid.

"Curly Cue? Just what the hell is that supposed to mean? Shawn-what the hell are you saying?" Bret almost wanted to laugh, but at the same time, he felt so angry, that last comment didn't matter to him-he just wanted Shawn to finally shut up. He wanted to punch him; he wanted to KILL him if he could! But the last thought seemed to disappear from his mind when Shawn suddenly slapped him across the face!

"You BITCH!" Shawn seethed. "I HATE YOU! WHY DO I HAVE TO BE WITH YOU!" And the man slapped Bret across the face again! What on earth was wrong with this guy? Bret found himself wondering. Bret stood there for a few moments to let the stinging sensation pass, and once that was through, Bret found himself lunging for the Heart Breaker.

"You want a fight-well you just found one -you dirty, filthy, sluttish son of a bitch!" And with that, Bret punched Shawn square in the face and that is when the fight began. Bret's punch had sent Shawn flying a few feet, but after only a minute or two, Shawn had regained his composure and was back on the attack.

"Oh," Shawn said, whipping his now bloody nose with his hand, "you think that hurt-huh? Just you wait!" Shawn managed to get out right before Bret speared him to the floor. Shawn fell back-first onto the floor and let out a slight groan….damn that hurt! Although Shawn was only half aware of what he was doing, he managed to quickly jab Bret in the face several times while still having his back pinned against the carpeted floor below him; and before he knew it, he had discovered Bret's nose was also bleeding.

"Ouch!" Bret let out as he backed away, whipping the blood from his nose for a minute. "Why look at you what you did, you jack-whore! You ruined my beautiful face!"

"Beautiful?" Shawn asked, almost laughing. "If you ask me, I'd say I just improved your looks by 100 percent! You've always been ugly!" Bret looked at him for a minute.

"You did NOT just say that…."

"Yes….I did…what are you going to do about it? Come on, tell me…." Shawn beckoned with a grin across his face. But Bret was having none of it, and he let Shawn know by giving him one of the deadliest glares he could possibly pull off; causing Shawn's grin to quickly disappear. "Uh oh…." Uh oh was right…because before Bret even knew it, he was lunging for the Icon, swinging lefts and rights as he ran towards him. But they fell short as Shawn ducked out of the way and kicked him square in the groin! Bret fell down, gasping for air while Shawn stood there, laughing his ass off. "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Oh my god…..that is the oldest trick in the book! Man…I got you good…..That'll teach you-stupid bastard!"

"Ouch! Oh-my GOD!" Bret gasped in pain. "Die….you son of a BITCH!" And with that, Bret ran straight for him, planning to do yet another spear-even though he was in enough pain to make even a giant cry. But that also fell short, as Shawn could see it coming from a mile away, and moved out of the way…causing Bret to ram into the corner of the bed-head-first.

"Oh my god! Bret…come on," Shawn said, still remaining there, "you're gonna have to do better than that!" All he heard was silence, however, followed by a slight moan of pain. "Bret…..Bret…?" He turned to look at the man lying on the floor, clinching his forehead in agony. Shawn suddenly felt light-headed as he crept up to the fallen Hit Man. "….Bret, are you, ok?" He couldn't believe he was asking that question-why did he seem to even care what happened to the older man?

"…..Owww….yea, Grrrr….I'm ok, I guess…..What-what happened just now?" He looked up at the Show Stopper, waiting for an answer, but just saw the man roll his eyes.

"Uh….." Suddenly, Shawn didn't know what to say or do, he wanted to laugh, yet he didn't-man, not to mention he was feeling really-REALLY tired! "I don't know…" Don't know? Of course he knew, they were just fighting for Pete's sake! But strangely something inside of him told him not to say anything-better to cut off the chase while he was still ahead, he told himself. Not thinking straight, he said the first thing that came to mind. "Come on, you're bleeding, let's get you into the bathroom and clean you up!" Clean you up? What was wrong with him! Shawn shook his head from side to side-he'd be damned if he knew the answer.

"Am I bleeding badly?" Bret asked.

"Yes, you are." Shawn said, assessing the damage that he had done. They followed each other into the bathroom to wash their faces, and that is when things started to go terribly wrong…

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