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Excerpt from my story, I've Lost My Smile
Mon May 9, 2011 10:22pm

Part V:

Vince arrived to the Titan Tower office complex around 9:45am, just in time to conduct the morning's meeting. Right as he was walking through the door, however, Hunter Hearst Hemsley approached him from behind.

"Oh, Vince," Hunter said, grabbing the older man's arm, "you hear from Shawn since last night?" Vince, finally remembering the argument in which he and Shawn had the previous day, nodded in response.

"No, I haven't….but he did seem quite upset yesterday about having to room with Bret."

"That's my point. See Vince, I have been trying to get a hold of Shawn for the past hour now….and you told me earlier that if he and Bret got into it…that well….things may not end up as planned. You get what I'm saying?"

"Yea…as Shawn told me yesterday, one false move and Bret was going to the hospital…with every bone in his body broken! God….I hope Bret is alright…for as much as I personally can't stand that man, Shawn better not injure him; he does, and well, I'm going to be out of many pay-per-view buys now aren't I?" Hunter shook his head in disbelief-is that all this man cared about?

"Is that what this is all about? MONEY? Let me ask you this, Vince, do you care at all about Shawn or Bret's well-being?"

"Well," Vince concluded with a grin upon his face, "do you?" The younger man smiled in contempt as Vince leaned over to open the door directly in front of him. "That's what I thought…come on, Hunter, I know you don't care about those two, lets just go inside and attend the meeting, alright?" Hunter patted his father-in-law on the back with a grin from ear-to-ear.

"You know me too well, Vince, you know me too well….." And they both went through the door and closed it tightly behind them.


"Come on, Bret, let me watch the home and garden channel!" Shawn begged. Bret rolled his eyes and flipped the television over to some hockey game that was playing. Just seeing the expression upon Shawn's face almost made him want to laugh out loud as he did so; because he knew that Shawn hated to watch hockey games…to the Icon, they was the worst thing in the entire world to watch.

"No…..I want to watch HOCKEY! Hockey rocks! It's the best sport in the world!" Bret bragged.

"NO! I think it's boring! How can you enjoy watching people play with sticks on ice all day? It's ridiculous!"

"Hey, do you actually think that the Home and Garden channel is any flipping better?" Bret turned his head to look the Icon straight in the eye.

"I think so….at least you LEARN something!" To that, Bret couldn't help but comment.

"Oh, like what? Like you would be able to learn ANYTHING at all!"

"You did not just say that to my face!"

"Yes I did…..come on…..all you learn on that damn channel is how to pull weeds out of the ground! I learned that when I was like five!" They both stared at the screen blankly.

"You mean to tell me you had to pull weeds when you were younger? You're kidding right?"

"No….my mother would sometimes be too sick to do it on her own, so I had to help her. What do you enjoy about that stupid stuff anyways?"

"Uhh…" Shawn had to think of a good answer for that one, but couldn't come up with any.

"That's what I thought…..come on, HOCKEY TIME!" The show came back on after the commercial break bringing a smile to the Hit Man's face.

"No hockey time; Home and Garden time!" He lunged for the remote control but Bret held it high enough to keep it just out of the Heart Break Kid's reach.

"I don't think so….." Bret commented as he watched Shawn try to grab the remote from his hand.

Shawn's POV-

Damn it! I want to watch my show now, not this stupid hockey stuff….this is so gay! Here he is, holding up the remote so I can't take it from his grasp. Well…..if he isn't going to give it up the easy way…..maybe I can get it the hard way…yea….he's gonna learn his lesson…one way or the other. He may think he's won now….but I am about to show him who really rules the roost in this place.

"Hey….. on, please give it to me?" I plead, giving him the puppy dog look. I can see the expression on his face…oh he HATES it when I do that!

"Stop looking at me that way…I hate it when you do that…..come on, hockey is great!" He thinks hockey is great…oh is he about to be proven wrong. I smile as I let me hand slowly move down toward his thigh…..oooh yea, he likes it like that. "Shawn….what-are-you-doing?"

"You'll see….." I say as I let my hand massage his inner thigh….his grip slowly starts to loosen around the remote control as I continue to seduce him. He looks at me, and grins…see I told ya on-not now…the game is just getting good!" He points to the screen and continues to watch as I work my magic on him.

"Oh, it's getting good alright….and if you let me, it's about to get a whole lot better!" I give him a tender kiss on the lips and he lets out a soft moan….and as I continue to kiss him, he slowly starts to let go of the remote control.

"Man, that is rather tempting….." He tells me.

"Yes, it is….so how about we give it a go….?" I keep my eye on the remote as he bites his lower lip in response. Then finally, he places the remote control down upon the night stand and I snatch it right at the last second! Hurray! Wow, is Bret gullible or what? I change the television to my favorite channel as he remains sitting there, glaring at me. Oh boy, I've done it now!

"You are such a tease! You know that?" I can't help but smile, picking on Bret is just so much fun!

"Yea, I know…..but I promise I'll make it up to you later…." I turn to face the television screen, and as I do so, Bret places his hand underneath the covers and slips his fingers right around my mid section…..hmmm so tempting!

"How about we just skip the later and make up for it now?" He inquires….I don't know….I really like what I am watching on the screen before us. But man, last night was just so exhilarating that I can't help but feel tempted to say yes to his proposal. He gives me a slight grin as I look at him once more and finally put down the remote control once and for all.

*********(Author's Note: Original content edited due to reader's complaints. If you wish to see the unedited version, feel free to let me know)**************

Shawn released his grip and relaxed within the strong arms and embrace of the individual known as the Hit Man. Throughout his entire life, Shawn had never thought he would gain feelings for his sworn enemy…but looking back on it now, he knew that there would be no way he would ever go back to hating him. Not like he did prior to last night ….he supposed that he just hadn't given the other man a chance before, but now he wished he had. Only after one whole night of being stuck with Bret, Shawn had almost become thankful for something this wonderful happening to him. It had been an awful long time since he had feelings for anybody and now he felt that he could finally get over the hurt that Hunter had left him in and go on with his life; hopefully, with Bret Hart in it.

To Be Continued

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