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MWT 2007: Misting 11: Invasion Of The WWE (Ch. 1 - slash)
Tue May 17, 2011 10:43pm

Rated: Suitable for mature teens and older

Summary: In the 11th fan fic of the MWT series, our heroes make sense out of some of the events that occurred in the previous episode. Additionally, they have to read a bad fan fic loosely based off of Jack Finney's Invasion Of The Body Snatchers.

As always, thanks to those who have read my fan fics. I really appreciate all the feedback I've gotten for my writing. And I know it's been a while since I've published anything.

Recap: Shawn had been giving Hunter a hard time for signing with Vince. Hunter, in fact, did appear on Summerslam and the RAW following it. The only reason Shawn overreacted – as he told Bret – was because he got hit with Rebecca's divorce settlement, which needless to say, was brutal. To relieve tension, Sean programmed a club in the holoporter. Unfortunately, Vince took over the program and added gangsters to it, who proceeded to get into an argument with Hunter. Shawn came to Hunter's rescue, but a physical fight resulted, and Shawn was hit behind the head. It wasn't until Shawn awoke, that everyone realized that he had amnesia. Vince didn't care about Shawn's memory loss and still made our heroes read a bad fan fic. That fan fic featured Hunter and Sean in a physical relationship. As the bad fic progressed, Hunter proposed to Sean and it was found out that Bret and Shawn were getting married. After the bad fic, our heroes returned to the den, only to get a new shock when Shawn kissed Bret suddenly and without explanation.


Characters: Bret Hart, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Sean Waltman, Sean Michaels, Vince McMahon, and mentions of others within the bad fic.

Yeah, the next part is basically the same as usual, but it keeps me from getting into trouble.

Sources: I do not own any of the wrestlers or Vince or his children. I don't own the characters or the concept from Mystery Science Theater. The only original character in the series is Marie, Vince's hired writer and finder of awful spams and fan fics. Occasionally, one of Marie's friends writes the fan fics.

I also am not the person who came up with the concept of mixing wrestling and Mystery Science Theater. My inspiration is Amanda Stevens who came up with the wonderful cast of misters that I am currently using.

Format: The chapters are done in script form with narration thrown in. In the script, actions will be in (). The name of the character talking will be bold. Parts from posts will be surrounded by dashes.



Time: In Satellite time, it is the early evening of the day after our heroes read Marie's 'Relationships Of The Future', which was featured in Misting 10. The Earth date is approximately Thursday, September 13, 2007. Remember time on the SOD moves differently than on Earth. On a side note, I just looked at the dates in my last fan fic. I made a mistake. The whole fan fic takes place in August. The last few chapters do not take place in April.

Place: den of the SOD


Sean stood right in front of the plasma tv. It's screen was full of static. No picture was visible.

Sean: (very angry) Come on! (he pounded the top of the TV screen with his right hand)

Hunter: (he'd seen Sean hit the TV two times before this) Kid, if you keep pounding on that thing, the only thing that will result from it is you getting a very sore hand.

Sean: (fuming, but then he holds his hand) Too late.

Hunter shook his head at the Kid's lack of sense. Then, he resumed his game of solitaire that he was playing on the coffee table.

Still angry, Sean went and sat on the couch. He looked over to Bret, who was – as usual – reading.

Sean: Bret…

Bret: (not even lowering his book, he almost growls) For the third time Sean…I can't fix the TV any better than you can.

Sean: (upon hearing Bret's tone) Man, you're cranky.

Bret: (doesn't put his book down) I'm not cranky.

Sean: Yes you are.

Hunter: (glances at Bret) You've been cranky since Shawn kissed you.

Bret: (puts down his book) I…am…not…cranky. I'm just tired of being disturbed every time I pick up a book.

Hunter: So go to your room.

Bret: I shouldn't have to go there every time I want some peace and quiet.

Hunter: Maybe not, but it's the only way you'll get it.

Bret was about to reply when Shawn entered. Shawn was smiling cheerily and almost waltzing into the room. Bret glared and resumed reading.

Shawn: Hello friends…my friends…good friends.

Hunter: Hey pal.

Shawn sat on the couch. He looks at the Kid.

Shawn: Kid, what's wrong?

Sean: Nothing.

Shawn: Then why the frown?

Sean: TV's on the fritz.

Shawn: That's no reason to be so down.

Sean: I'm just disappointed. So, you can take your new positive attitude and turn it somewhere else. (points to Bret)

Shawn: (points to Bret) He's not still mad at me, is he?

Sean: Afraid so.

Shawn: Bret…

Bret: (from behind his book) Don't talk to me.

Shawn: Bret…you are overreacting…

Bret: You would know.

Shawn: It was just an innocent kiss.

Bret: (lowering his book) You know very well that it was more than that, Shawn. You intended to embarrass me.

Hunter: Mission accomplished, apparently. Good one, Shawn.

Shawn: (nodding his head) Thank you. Wish I could take credit, but, I swear Bret, I wasn't trying to embarrass you. I just had to announce to all of you that my memory was back.

Bret: You could have just told us.

Shawn: Bret, you know me…I'm not one for subtlety. Old HBK had to announce that he was back in a big way.

Bret: But did you have to kiss me?

Shawn: What can I say? With all my memories coming back, I was overwhelmed. And you were the one nearest me…the one who first saw me coming around. Remember…in the theater, I stumbled…that was my memories coming back. On top of that, I was overjoyed. So much so that I would have kissed Hunter or Sean had one of them been standing next to me.

Sean: Thank God I wasn't near you. Reading about being with Hunter was bad enough. (Hunter glares at him) No offense.

Shawn: Seriously Bret, I'm sorry. Don't let this one incident ruin the progress we've made.

Bret: (sighs)

Shawn: (begging) Please, Bret…do I have to get on my hands and knees…because I will.

Bret: That won't be necessary. It had just better never happen again.

Shawn: (playful) What? Was I not good enough?

Bret: (growling) Shawn…

Shawn: (laughs) I'll stop. I can't help it, Bret; you're fun to tease.

Hunter: I'm glad you're better, Shawn.

Bret: (grumbling) I'm not sure I am.

Shawn: (ignoring Bret) I am too, Hunter. You were really great with me. And awesome job at Summerslam. You really taught Vince something at Booker T's expense.

Hunter: Thanks…and anytime, pal. Anytime. I'm also glad to see you in a good mood. It's been awhile.

Shawn: Yeah, well…after not knowing who I was for a time, it's a relief to know who I am again. And I'm a resourceful person; I'll find a way to deal with Rebecca.

Hunter: And if you need help…

Shawn: I know you guys will be there to help me.

Vince's beeping sounded. His image appeared on TV.

Vince: How touching.

Shawn: (still happy) Hi Vince.

Sean: (eyeing Shawn) Why are you greeting him like that?

Shawn: Because even Vince can't destroy my good mood.

Sean: Hey wait, Vince…the TV's busted. How'd you…

Vince: Get through…(Sean nodded) Because the problem with your TV is related to a current problem in the satellites that collect Earth's programming and transmit it to you. My transmitter isn't a part of this, so I can still reach you.

Hunter: (sarcastic) Joy.

Vince: Hunter, I'd address me nicely if I was you, or I can change the roll you're on in WWE. (Hunter glares at him)

Bret: Let me guess Vince, you have a fan fic to send us.

Vince: Yes. It's a rather long one…painful, I think…

Bret: Just please, tell me that it has no relation to yesterday's fic.

Vince: (knew that Bret was thinking about Vince's desire for Marie to continue 'Relationships Of The Future') No…Marie has yet to put that together. Today's fic is a story loosely based on the events detailed in Jack Finney's novel 'The Body Snatchers'.

Sean: Hey, I was planning to watch the movie .

Vince: Yes, I did notice that 'Invasion Of The Body Snatchers' was going to be on tv tonight.

Hunter: (to Sean) That's what you were going to watch, Kid? You've seen that before. Why'd you get so angry at the TV?

Sean: Because I wanted to watch it.

Vince: And now you will…sort of. (Sean glares at Hunter) And like I said, the fic's long, so I'd get to it if I were you. (disappears)

Hunter: (stands) Guess we'd better go, you know, so that Vince doesn't have to sound the alarm.

The others agreed with him.

End of Chapter 1

Author's Note: Hope that answers any questions that came up at the end of 'Who Are You?'

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