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MWT 2007: Invasion Of The WWE (Ch. 2, Pt. 2 - slash)
Wed May 18, 2011 12:11am

Bret: (as the reporter) Instead, I draw things out.

- And that was basically it for the man. I said thank you to him and he said shook my hand, thanking me for my time. I promised that I would follow up on what he told me.

The last thing he said to me before leaving was, "Be careful." -

Sean: They get you when you sleep.

- After the man left, I did follow up. I called Captain Stodder, who in truth has never liked me very much. -

Bret: (sarcastic) I can't imagine why.

- On the phone, he was colder to me than ever before.

"Kempner, your witness, as I told him, was no doubt overworked and overtired."

I thought Stodder sounded off. He usually yelled at me when I called, but he didn't on this occasion. -

Sean: This guy Stodder is so obviously a pod that it's pathetic. My intelligence is being insulted.

Hunter: What intelligence? (Sean glares at him)

- Instead, after I'd suggested that maybe the man had seen what he'd seen, Captain Stodder said, "Impossible." He sounded sure of himself.

"Why?" I said, trying to hide my irritation.

"Because we found the driver." -

All: Plot twist.

- That took me a moment to grasp, "What?"

"We found the driver," Captain Stodder repeated. -

Shawn: Does this reporter have a problem taking information the first time it's said, or something?

- "When? How? Where?" I did not hide the excitement in my voice. -

Sean: Just advertise your non-podness then, why don't you?

- "The driver called us from his home."

"He did?" I said.

"Yes, asking me to come to his home."

"And did you?"

"Yes, I personally wanted this matter cleared up." -

Hunter: Police Captains make house calls?

- "And is it?" I had to keep from sounding distrusting.

"Yes, the driver, twenty-five year old Frank Buxton – if you must know – said that on the night of September 11th, he'd begun a long drive to deliver produce. The drive took him all night and into the morning to complete and, unfortunately, he hadn't slept well the night before. Due to lack of sleep and long work hours, he fell asleep while driving and didn't wake up till he felt one of his back tires go flat. Good thing it did, too." -

Shawn: Or those morning commuters would have had quite a nasty sight.

- When the Captain said this, I looked back through my notepad that I was writing on. -

Bret: And all this time, I thought he was writing on his hand.

- No one had said anything before this about a flat.

"A very good thing," I said, not letting on that I didn't believe him. Or maybe I did when I said, "So, why didn't Mr. Buxton move his truck further off the road. Why didn't he call a tow truck or his boss through the intercom thing truck drivers have? Why'd he leave the truck?" -

Hunter: He wrote 'intercom thing' in the paper?

- "I inquired the same thing," stated Captain Stodder, "and Mr. Buxton told me that, having been a truck driver for only three months, he was new at the job. When the flat occurred, he got scared. Those big trucks are hard to control under normal conditions, so you can imagine how much harder it was under abnormal ones. -

Sean: Sounds like this truck driver didn't receive very good training.

- He just stopped the truck as soon as he could. He didn't have a cell and furthermore, the intercom thing was out of range, so he couldn't call anyone for assistance. Finally, he left the truck to find a gas station and his only option was to walk through the woods." -

Shawn: He could have just stuck his thumb out for assistance.

Bret: Hitchhiking, Shawn?

Shawn: It works.

Bret: It's dangerous.

Shawn: When the alternative is walking through woods in the middle of Canada, I'll hitchhike.

"In his bare feet. Naked?" I protested. The Captain's story was hard for me to swallow. His next words made me almost choke: -

Bret: This article gets any longer and I'm going to choke.

- "There you go again, Kempner. Mr. Buxton was not naked. Don't you think if he had been, the police would have gotten reports of it?"

Sean: Indecent exposure is an offense.

- "I guess," I said, but was really thinking, 'Or you did, and you ignored them.' -

Shawn: Oh I get it. The cops in this aren't incompetent; they're corrupt.

Sean: I think I said that when I said the Captain was a pod.

- Captain Stodder continued, "Now we're getting somewhere."

"So, Mr. Buxton is at home?"

"With his wife, whom he called to pick him up when he finally reached a gas station. He actually forgot about his truck, and only remembered it later on. And then he called me." -

Shawn: He just forgot a truck.

Hunter: This Captain forgot how to lie well.

- 'How do you forget a truck?' I thought, but did not ask. -

Bret: But by writing this article, he just asked it.

- "So you see, Mr. Kempner, it's settled."

'Hardly,' I thought. I said, "I guess it is. Thank you for telling me so."

"Good to clear this up," said Captain Stodder.

"May I print this conversation," I asked. -

Sean: (as the Captain) And when you do, I'm going to have to replace you with a pod.

- Captain Stodder was silent for a moment. I took that as a no, so I was surprised when Captain Stodder replied, "Yes." -

Sean: Why should the Captain be worried - if he can be worried - everyone will be pods soon enough.

- I quickly said thanks and goodbye – before he changed his mind – and hung up the phone. I set to typing up my article, not realizing that my story would take one more turn.

That turn came at approximately 3:30 that afternoon, -

Bret: Wait? There's more?

Shawn: (to Bret) How big is your local paper?

Bret: You've seen it...It's not that big. What we're reading is more like a magazine article.

Hunter: You know this is seriously not the worst thing we've read though.

Bret: (sarcastically) That makes me feel so much better.

Hunter: Just an observation.

- when a woman in her late thirties asked my secretary if she could see me.

As a boss in a fairly good size company, this woman was normally the perfect image of composure. I knew that because I'd written an article on her about a year before, praising her business qualities. -

Sean: And her assets.

- Now, as she stood before my secretary, she was anything but composed.

I, without pause, asked her to come into my office, where I took a better look at her. -

Sean: Checking her out. Undressing her with my eyes.

Hunter: That's it...I'm getting the tape.

Sean: Prude.

Shawn: (grasping Hunter's arm) Hunter...

Hunter: (sitting back down) I'm just tired of his sexual jokes.

- The first thing I noticed was that she was limping a little. I looked at her left foot and saw that the ankle looked slightly swollen. I also saw that the left side of her nylons were dirty and had a rip on the lower leg and a run up it. -

Sean: Told you, Hunter, that he was checking her out.

- When I moved up to her face, I saw that she was scared. She'd been crying. Her mascara was smeared and her hair a mess, as if she'd been fiddling with it all day. -

Shawn: He's awful observant when it comes to women's appearances.

Bret: I think he's straight, Shawn.

Shawn: Why?

Bret: Because he didn't describe the male witness. I think he has a thing for damsels in distress.

- I went out of my office quickly and brought back a cup of water. She thanked me and I sat down in front of her.

I asked, "What happened?"

After taking a sip of water, she said, "I don't know how to begin." -

All: (groans)

- "Start from beginning," I said. She stared straight ahead, looking but not seeing. I tried to begin for her, "Were you assaulted?"

"No," she answered quickly. "That, I think I could have handled." -

Shawn: Because assault is easy to deal with.

- I looked back at her, not understanding.

"Did you hear about the vegetable truck?" she asked.

"Funny, I'm actually working on that story."

"Then, I have something to add to it."

"I'm all ears," and I was. -

Hunter: Then you'd be very scary looking.

- "I saw that truck pull over."

My eyes went wide, "Mind if I write down what you tell me?" I had to get this down. She nodded and I pulled my notepad in front of me. I then looked at her signaling her to continue.

"It was five minutes to six this morning," she said, "I was driving to work. I always go in early. Traffic's not usually bad, -

Bret: If this witness account is abridged, then I'd hate to see the full thing.

- but the big trucks are out at that time. I hate driving behind them. And the one I was behind this morning was particularly awful. The truck kept swerving, just enough to worry me that it would go off the road suddenly. And then it swerved once more. I stopped my car, and watched as the truck pulled to the side by the woods and also stopped. I was worried about the driver and got out to check on him. -

Shawn: She should have kept driving.

- As I was coming to the front of the truck, I saw what was in the bed."

"What was it?" I asked.

"I don't know how to describe what I saw. The best I can say is that I saw…seed pods." -

Sean: It's too early to introduce the actual pods.

- "Seed pods?" I asked.

"Like the ones containing peas. That's what they looked like to me, except that they were huge. At the time, I did dismiss it, but now, it's odd, isn't it?"

"The seed pods?" -

All: (agitated) Yes!

- "Yes. You don't think the government finally found a way to enlarge vegetables, do you?" she asked.

"I'm not aware of it." -

Sean: You'd think they would have figured out how to do that by 2011.

- "I'm not either," she said, "And they didn't look good to eat either." -

All: Eww...

- "Did you look in the driver's seat?" I asked.

"Oh, yes…and when I did, I stepped back, twisted my ankle and fell." -

All: Oww.

- Then, she started crying hysterically. That explained the state of her nylons. -

Bret: I don't think your readers will care about her nylons. You are writing a news article, not a book.

- I grabbed my tissue box, and offered it to her.

She took a tissue gratefully and said, "It was horrible."

"What was?"

"In the truck…I saw…the driver, a man…but it wasn't a man. Not anymore." -

Shawn: Could this part of the story drag on any longer?

Hunter: Don't ask that Shawn, or it will.

- "Explain."

She tried, "The man was deformed. Almost like his skin was being…taken over. There were tentacles, I think, surrounding his body, and some had entered his nose and ears." -

Sean: That brings a whole new meaning to the word invasive.

- "Where were the tentacles coming from?"

She had to think, "The back of the truck…where the pods were… -

Sean: It's too early to introduce this plot element.

Hunter: Get over it.

- And then the body that the tentacles surrounded…it crumbled."

"Crumbled?" -

All: (exaspirated) Crumbled!

- "That's why I fell back. It was so shocking."

"Did you get up and look inside again?" I said, really hoping to corroborate her account with the previous witness'. -

Shawn: Would she be stupid enough to do that?

- "You're kidding right? Besides I couldn't… -

Bret: A little bit of smarts, at least.

- Something woke up in the truck bed."

"What?" I asked. -

Hunter: (growls) Get a tape recorder.

- "Something made an awful sound…it was inhuman…and then…then, a man jumped out of the truck bed."

"A man?" -

Bret: This guy must have a serious attention problem.

- "He hit the ground," she said, "he stood just a few feet from me. He saw me too. I didn't know what he was going to do, and that made me afraid. But he came no closer to me. Instead, he ran into the woods. And I was alone…I crawled backward and made it to my car. I turned around and drove off as quick as possible, -

Hunter: Now, that's smart.

- not caring that I was going the wrong way. -

Hunter: Not so smart, but under the circumstances.

- I went back home, where I stayed, with my windows and doors locked…until I realized I needed to tell somebody. So, I came to tell you."


"Because I trust you." -

Bret: She trusted him until he wrote this article.

- There it was again. She trusted me. I couldn't let her, or the witness before her, down. I won't either. That's why I'm sharing this story with my readers in hope that you can make sense of it. -

Shawn: Before or after they fell asleep reading it?

Sean: Thereby allowing the pods to take over at a faster rate. Good job!

- Because the police sure aren't. They haven't said anything more about these incidents and even refused to send out a police report. I, for one, am unsatisfied by their apparent lack of concern. -

Sean: You will understand all quite soon, I'm afraid.

- This article concerned me.

Shawn: Oh, I think we're back to the narrator. Bret, that's you. (Bret sighed in response)

- After reading, my face must have expressed all that I was feeling because my husband, who'd just finished bringing out dinner, called my name worriedly, "Bret?"

I didn't respond. -

Shawn: And there you have it in writing.

Bret: Why couldn't it be the Kid in this? He's the sci fi freak.

Sean: Because I was the subject of the last fic. It's your turn.

- "Bret?" my husband repeated. He came behind me and lowered his head to look at the paper over my shoulder. His long blonde hair that I love so much touched the side of my neck. "What is it?" -

Shawn: Wait? Did that just say long blonde hair?

Hunter: It said long blonde hair.

Bret: Oh God, please no.

Sean: (smiling) I'm glad I'm not blonde.

- I snapped out of it enough to turn the paper back to where the article began. I pointed it to him and he snatched the paper out of my hands. -

Bret: Yep, that's something Shawn would do?

Shawn: What's that supposed to mean?

Hunter: Well Shawn, you are kind of grabby. (Shawn glares at him)

- Walking a bit away from me, he proceeded to read what I'd just read.

After finishing, he looked at me. His face had gone three shades paler and his blue eyes had grown wide. -

Shawn: There's no chance that this could be Hunter, right?

Hunter: If that was the case, I think the author would have written shoulder length blonde hair.

- "No," said Shawn. "Not again…not again." -

Shawn: Damn.

Bret: I thought this fic had no relation to the last one.

Hunter: (to Bret) It sounds like the fact that you and Shawn are together is the only similarity.

Sean: (to Shawn) Guess Laura took your kiss with Bret seriously, Shawn.

Shawn: Shut up, Kid.

- I stood and went to my love. I took him into my arms and he rested his head on my chest. -

Shawn: And I guess since I cook, cry and need comfort that I'm the feminine one.

Hunter: You always are in these type of fics, Shawn.

Shawn: I still don't get why you read these type of fics outside the theater, Hunter.

Hunter: (trying to justify) I'm bored.

- "Not again," Shawn repeated, "I can't face this again." -

Bret: If he means being married to me, the feelings mutual.

Shawn: Bret, you just kind of insulted yourself.

Bret: Yeah, but I insulted you too.

- I didn't think I could either. We'd both lost so much the last time. Lives…lives of loved ones… -

Bret: Our sanity apparently.

- But we learned…we adapted…and we survived.

I hoped we could do it again.

End of Prologue

Chapter 1: -

  • Our heroes sit in their aisle in this order: Sean (closest to the wall), Bret, Shawn, and Hunter (closest to the aisle). Sean: Wait…(to Bret) should Bret and Shawn be sitting together? Bret: I'll be... more
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