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MWT 2007: Invasion Of The WWE (Ch. 2, Pt. 3 - slash)
Wed May 18, 2011 12:12am

Shawn: All of what we read was just the prologue?

Hunter: I'm scared to see how long this is.

Bret: You're scared?

Hunter: Well, I can't help wondering that if you and Shawn are in this, whether or not me or the Kid will be in this as well.

Sean: Like Bret and Shawn were mentioned in ours.

Hunter: Or worse.

Bret: (getting up suddenly) I need a break.

Shawn: Already? Come on Bret, being married to me can't be that bad.

Bret: Shawn, is your brain still scrambled from the hit you took, or do you not realize what you just said?

Shawn: (thinking) Now that I think about it, I could use a break too.

Our heroes get up and leave the theater.

End of Chapter 1 (of my fic, not the post)


Author's Note: What did you think?

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