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MWT 2007: Misting 11: Invasion Of The WWE (Ch. 5 - slash)
Wed May 18, 2011 6:46am

Time: In Satellite time, it is the early morning, but not too early, on the following day. On Earth, it is Saturday evening on September 15, 2007.

Place: The hallway of the SOD outside the sleeping quarters


All of a sudden, the fan fic sign alarms and the red alert go off.

From inside the sleeping quarters, the sounds of people being rudely awakened are heard.

Finally, one after the other, four automatic doors slid open and out stepped our four heroes. Each man, still clothed in pajamas, covered his ears with his hands. They had to shout over the alarms to be heard.

Hunter: What the hell?

Sean: There has to be a malfunction in the alarm system.

Bret: Either that or Vince intended us to be up.

Shawn: That would be cruel…(off Bret's look) I see
what you mean.

Bret: Let's head into the theater.

Hunter: What for?

Bret: The alarm has always stopped when we've gone in there.

Bret headed for the theater and the others followed.

And Bret was right. Once our heroes were in the theater, the alarms stopped.

They didn't move towards the aisle, but remained just inside.

Sean: (looking towards the screen) Oh, no.

The others looked at the screen too.


Bret: Marie?

- Yes.

Take a seat. -

Hunter: Or what?

- The alarms go off inside the theater. -

Our heroes walked down the aisle towards their seats. As they were walking, Bret noticed that Sean was limping.

Bret: Kid, you okay?

Sean: (seeing that Bret was looking at his legs) Oh…yeah…I hurt my knee.

Sean moved into the aisle first, followed by Bret, Shawn and Hunter.

Shawn: (to Sean) How'd you hurt your knee?

Sean: I…(embarrassed)

-He fell out of bed. -

Sean: (growls) No thanks to Vince.

- Actually, I set the alarms off this time. -

Shawn: You did?

Hunter: I thought that Vince had control over the alarms.

- No, I do too. And Vince instructed me to ring mine at this time. -

Shawn: Because…

- Vince wanted you guys to read more of Laura's story before Hunter was taken back to Earth for the next RAW. -

Sean: How much more?

- As much as Hunter has time for. -

Hunter: Could you make sure that I have enough time to shower? I'd like to look good for Stephanie.

- Why, Hunter, are you asking me for a favor? -

Hunter: (gritting his teeth) Yes.

- Say please. -

Hunter: Please.

- Say pretty please. -

Hunter: (growls)

Shawn: Hunter! You'd better say it, or Marie and Vince could send you to see Stephanie in Matt Striker's teaching clothes…and you'd be grungy.

Hunter: Errr…(calms down, to the screen) pretty please.

- I'll consider it.

Now, your fan fic…you remember where you left off, right? -

Sean: The Undertaker called Bret and asked him to come to Pittsburgh on a Monday.

Bret: So my character has to be at a RAW show.

- Good. Here you go.

Chapter 2:

It was Monday morning on June 5th when Cincia and I got off of the plane in Pittsburgh.

It had been a long flight from Italy. -

Shawn: (as Bret) And boy were my arms tired. (Hunter groaned beside him) What?

Hunter: That's got to be the oldest line in the world.

I was tired. Cinzia had been able to sleep during most of the flight; I hadn't been so lucky.

Bret: A plane ride from Italy to Pittsburgh is over nine hours long. If I didn't sleep, what the heck did I do for nine hours?

Sean: Do you really want to know? (Bret decided that he didn't) -

- When we arrived at the airport, Mark was there to pick us up. Despite trying to be inconspicuous, between his size and our recognizable faces, we caused a commotion.

Sean: No offense Bret, but I'd notice Undertaker's size and face sooner than your face.

Bret: Thanks.

- After signing autographs, I was relieved to reach Mark's car. I was grateful that fans still remembered me, -

Shawn: Grateful, but surprised.

Bret: I'll have you know that when I do autograph signings, the crowds are very large.

- but since my stroke a few years ago, I have difficulty being in large groups. -

Shawn: You had difficulty being in large groups before your stroke. (Bret looks at him)

Hunter: He's right about that, Bret.

Bret: So I preferred, and still do, to be around fewer people, is that so wrong?

- And soon, I'd be among a group which I doubted would welcome me. -

Sean: You're still very depressing, Bret.

Bret: (sighs)

- "Thanks for coming guys," Mark said, pulling me out of my deep thoughts. -

Shawn: I think you think too much, Bret.

Bret: Beats not thinking at all.

- "No problem," I said, "I'm just wondering why you asked me here." -

Sean: (as The Undertaker) What makes you think there's a reason other than I missed you?.

- "I will tell you, Bret," he said, "But I want to wait until we get to the hotel." -

Bret: Is the car bugged or something?

Sean: Well, Mark probably rented the car through Vince, so it could be.

- He was serious about this, so I didn't press. In truth, with Mark so elusive, it's the only word I can use to describe him, I wasn't sure if I wanted to know what he had to tell me. -

Sean: On the plus side, he's not a pod.

- We reached the hotel at 10:23am. -

Hunter: Is that exact?

Shawn: Actually, they arrived fifty-one seconds after 10:23.

- Cinzia and I checked into a hotel room. With Mark's help, we brought our luggage to our room. -

Sean: (to Bret) How much luggage do you bring on trips?

Bret: Not that much. I have two suitcases…three for longer trips. Cinzia's the same.

- "Why don't I stay here and unpack, while you two catch up?" said Cinzia. -

Shawn: Okay, first I put dinner on the table; now, Cinzia unpacks. (to Bret) Don't you do anything for yourself?

Bret: You're one to talk.

- I said that was a good idea, and Mark agreed with me. My wife didn't need to hear whatever Mark was going to say. I figured that if it was important, than I could tell her myself. -

Sean: What a good husband you are, Bret. (Bret looks at him)

- Leaving Cinzia to unpack, Mark and I went to his room. He opened the door for me and signaled for me to sit on the couch, so I did. He sat down beside me. -

Sean: I hope Mark didn't call you for the reason that I'm suddenly thinking of. (Bret glares at him)

- I noticed the distraught expression on his face. "Mark, why did you call me all the way out here?" -

Sean: (as Mark) Because I love you.

- "Bret, do you think it's possible..." he began, -

Sean: (as Mark) That you could find it in your heart to love me.

Bret: That's enough!

DX: (laughs)

Bret: You put the Kid up to that.

Shawn: No.

Hunter: We just find it funny.

- "Do you think it's possible to lose one's mind all of a sudden?" -

Bret: Like I'm losing mine.

- "I don't understand," I said.

"Just answer the question," he said, "Truthfully as you can."

"I suppose it must be possible." Then, I tried to lighten him up, "There are a lot of crazies in the world." -

Shawn: Like Vince?

Hunter: Too obvious.

- Mark didn't lighten up. If anything, his expression grew darker, "And I'm just another crazy." -

Shawn: Nice going Bret, now you made him think he's crazy.

Bret: Something tells me that he didn't need my help.

- "Mark, you're not crazy." He's one of the sanest people I know.

"I think I must be, Bret."

"Then see a shrink," -

All (but Bret): (with shocked eyes on Bret)

Shawn: How insensitive.

- I allowed some of my annoyance to creep into my voice. I didn't mean to, but I was tired. -

Shawn: (shaking his head at Bret) For shame.

Bret: Shut up.

- "A shrink can't help me," Mark replied.

"I don't think I can if you don't tell me what's wrong?" -

Bret: That's true at least. My character can't help till he knows what's up?

- "The best I can explain it is this:" he said, "Last Thursday, Vince called me to ask if I'd meet with him the next day. Well…I met with him."

"Mark, did Vince do something or say something to you?" -

Sean: (as Mark) He sexually abused me.

All (but Sean): Kid!

- "He said that I could have the weekend off," Mark said.

I thought it was more serious than that, "Mark, isn't that a good thing?"

"I had a house show to appear on. When have you ever known Vince to give time off when you have a scheduled appearance? " -

Hunter: He gives you time off when you're injured.

Shawn: Yeah, injured to the point that you can't deliver a good match.

- "Are you injured?" I asked. Mark shook his head. "Personal problems? Family problems?" I asked. Mark shook his two more times. -

Shawn: Then Mark's right. It is weird that Vince is giving him time off.

- "I'm fine, Bret, as it relates to those things…Or, I was."

I raised an eyebrow, hoping he'd explain. -

Hunter: Unfortunately for us, he did.

Bret: (knowing that this whole thing is being taped and sent to Earth) I can't help but think that when Mark reads this and sees our reactions, that he's going to demand a word with Vince.

- "After figuring that Vince was being generous," -

All: (laugh at Vince being described as generous)

- he continued, "I took the time off. I went home. And I was happy at being able to see my wife and kids…until I got home…"

"Is Sara okay?" -

Bret: Did my character forget that Mark just said that he had no family problems?

Shawn: Don't you remember that he also contradicted himself.

- "No, and neither are my kids."

"How so?" I asked. -

Bret: I don't talk like that.

- "They were different, Bret," Mark said.

"Different how?" -

Sean: More vague answers. I'm seeing a pattern.

- "They were kids."

"They're not now?" I asked. -

Shawn: Kids do grow up awful fast these days.

- "Well my one-year old daughter, Gracie," Mark said," She's got a fussy nature and cries often. -

Hunter: I just had an image of Mark walking the floors at three in the morning with his kid in his arms.

Sean: Talking from personal experience, Hunter. (after a moment, Hunter nodded)

- I even prayed that she would stop fussing for awhile, that way Sara could get some rest. I think I prayed too hard."

"Why's that?" -

Sean: I know why.

- "Because my daughter doesn't cry anymore." -

Sean: (more urgently) I know why.

Hunter: We know you know, but I want to get through this fan fic.

- "Mark, it's not unusual for kids to be fussier at some points in their lives than others."

"I know that," he said a bit upset. -

Shawn: You're not being especially helpful, Bret.

Bret: My character was just making a point.

- "And I wouldn't be going on about this if I also saw Gracie laugh or smile. She and her sister don't do those things anymore." -

Sean: (even more urgently, actually raising his arms) I know why.

All (but Sean): The pods!

Sean: (puts arms across chest) You're no fun.

- "At all?" I asked. -

Sean: (brooding) Not at all.

- Mark nodded, "It's like they're serious little adults now. And they certainly don't see that in me or Sara." -

Hunter: (knowing how serious The Undertaker was) Mark must be quite different at home then.

- He paused a moment, "Although, Sara is exhibiting the same type of behavior."

"In what way?"

"When Sara laughs, it's musical. -

Shawn: Musical like little bells, or musical like a pipe organ?

- I love her laugh," he paused here. Whatever he had to say was difficult for him to say, "Now she doesn't make it anymore. And when I kiss her – what used to be warm – is now cold. -

Hunter: That's usually how people describe The Undertaker.

Shawn: Pal, how do you know how The Undertaker

Hunter: I meant, generally, that The Undertaker is cold.

- It's like I'm kissing a stranger." Then, he added, "Bret, my wife and my kids aren't my wife and my kids anymore." -

Sean: Finally, someone put that line in.

- I stared at Mark for what must have been a full minute before saying, "Mark…"

"You think I'm crazy, don't you?" -

Bret: Not this again.

Shawn: Well, you did make it a little obvious that you don't believe him.

- "No," and I admit, I did a little. -

Shawn: (to Bret) Some friend you are.

- What he was saying didn't make sense. But this was Mark, my friend, and he wasn't the kind to lose his mind. "Look Mark, I don't think you're crazy. -

Bret: (to Shawn) See, I am a good friend.

- Confused, maybe, not crazy." -

Shawn: (to Bret) I'm sure Mark feels so much better.

- "I wish to God that I was just confused," said Mark. "But I'm also afraid." -

Hunter: Once again, my image of The Undertaker has been tarnished.

- "Why?"

"Because Friday night," Mark said, "I was sleeping…but then I heard these noises. And I awoke…and found Sara lying beside me."

"Doesn't she usually?" -

Sean: If she doesn't, then there's really something wrong.

- "Yes. But she was staring at me with the coldest expression I have ever seen. And when I was awake, I didn't hear the noises anymore."
I thought that Mark must have been dreaming, -

Shawn: (to Bret) Shows you how much faith you have in him.

Bret: Any other person in my character's position would think the same thing.

- but I asked the following anyway, "Where were the noises coming from?"

"From behind me. From inside my closet," Mark said, -

Hunter: Isn't Mark too old for a closet monster?

Sean: You thought that about me, but need I remind you that there was actually something in my closet?

- "I know they were," he said almost desperately," So, for the rest of that Friday, I never fell asleep, but only looked like I did. -

Hunter: That's a scary thought.

Shawn: What is?

Hunter: Seeing The Undertaker after he hasn't slept. He's not exactly a handsome man.

Bret: Hunter, Vince is probably sending this to him. He'll know what you're saying.

Hunter: First, The Undertaker works on Smackdown, and secondly, he's out due to a real injury right now.

- I kept one eye open and turned on my side in a way that Sara couldn't see that I was awake." He paused. "And there's another reason why I know that the noises came from my closet. At one point, in the middle of the night, she got up and looked inside it." -

Sean: So Sara would have seen that the pod wasn't duplicating and would have known that Mark wasn't asleep. In other words, Mark is screwed.

- "Did you ever look inside your closet?" I asked. -

Sean: (to Bret) Something tells me that if you did, you wouldn't be talking to Mark.

- "No, Sara never left the room, not even when I got out of bed in the morning. And I didn't want her to know that I knew that something strange was going on. -

Sean: But she did know that you knew that something strange was going on, even though you didn't know what, because she knew that you didn't sleep, you know.

Hunter: Shut up, Kid! You're giving me a headache.

- Instead, I dressed -

Shawn: Wait, how'd Mark dress if he didn't go into his closet? (the others shrug)

- and got the hell out of my house. -

Shawn: Sounds to me like you went out only half dressed.

- I ended up spending most of Saturday and Sunday in a hotel room. That's where I called you from. "

"I see," I said – although I was actually more confused than ever.

"What am I going to do, Bret?" -

Sean: Die.

Bret: (to Sean) Now who's being depressing?

Hunter: The Undertaker can die?

Shawn: Well that's a big blow for Undertaker fans.

- "I'm sure there has to be a good explanation for Friday, Mark."

"What?" -

Shawn: (to Bret) I want to see you explain this one.

Bret: Okay, could you all, especially you Shawn, stop looking at me like I really did and what the fan fic says I did?

Shawn: It really annoys you, doesn't it? (Bret says nothing) I can see that it does. You know that just gives me incentive to keep doing it.

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