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MWT 2007: Invasion Of The WWE (Ch. 5, Pt. 2 - slash)
Wed May 18, 2011 6:48am

- "I don't know," I said, "Maybe you're stressed at work. Maybe there are problems between you and Sara and you don't realize it." -

Shawn: And I thought I wasn't one for subtlety.

Bret: (not wanting to ask, but does) Why do you say that?

Shawn: Because I would never say what you just said the way you said it.

Hunter: (reacting to Shawn's last comment) My head really hurts now.

- Adamantly, Mark said, "I'm telling you that's not the case."

Mark sounded so sure, so I replied, "Okay, we'll figure out what is really going on?"

"Thanks," Mark said, "I hope we figure it out soon. I miss my wife and kids."

"Just curious, but what have you told Sara? I take it that she has to be wondering why you left home." -

Sean: I suddenly wonder if pods can wonder about anything. (to the others) That is, if wonderment is an emotional thing or not.

Hunter: You know what I wonder, Kid?

Sean: What?

Hunter: I wonder why you even care.

- "I did tell her before I left Saturday morning that Vince had called and asked me to come back
because one of the wrestlers had gotten seriously injured on Smackdown and couldn't compete in the scheduled house show."

"And she bought that?" I asked. -

Sean: Even if she didn't know what she knew, I think that would have been hard to believe.

- "I doubt it," Mark said," And now she's wondering when I'll be home again. I ended up saying that I didn't know." He paused before saying, "And then I said I loved her…And she hung up without saying it back." -

Sean: Pods don't love.

- "Maybe she got busy, Mark."

"She always says I love you after I say it. I tell you Bret, she's not the same…and she's not the only one."

"What do you mean?" -

Bret: Shut up me. (Shawn looks at him worriedly)

- "I already told you about Vince," Mark said, "Well Shane's queer too. So's Pat Patterson and Gerri Brisco." -

Shawn: I knew about Patterson, but Vince, Shane, and Brisco are gay?

Hunter: I think that the author is using the word queer to mean weird.

Shawn: Oh.

- "Mark, they've always been strange. They're Vince's stooges." -

Hunter: Good luck trying to figure out which one is Larry, Curly or Moe.

- "That may be, but Bret, some of the wrestlers aren't themselves, like Hacksaw and Booker T."

"What's wrong with them?" -

Hunter: There was something wrong with Booker when he agreed to do the King Booker gimmick.

- Mark tried to explain, "It's like they have no passion…no feeling in anything they do anymore." -

Shawn: You mean like Bret when he went to WCW.

Bret: If you take cheap shots at me like that, you'll have no feeling in your body.

- Mark paused before saying, "I asked you here because I want to see if you can see what I've seen." -

Hunter: (growls) Normally, I don't encourage the use of the Thesaurus, but in this instance, when the same basic word is used three times, I do.

- "Why me?" I asked.

"You've known Vince and the others for a long time."

"So have some of the other wrestlers," I reminded him.

"What? Like Shawn?"

"I see what you mean." -

Shawn: What's that supposed to mean?

Bret: (bites his tongue to keep from saying anything)

- Mark said just what I was thinking, "Shawn, and the other wrestlers – who I think are normal – are too oblivious to see anything." -

Shawn: Oblivious? (looks at Bret) Am I oblivious? (Bret looks at him and Shawn knows what he's going to say) Ugh…look who I'm asking. (looks to Hunter) Hunter, am I oblivious?

Hunter: (he'd just gotten Shawn back, he didn't want to get him angry again) Shawn, we're all a little oblivious sometimes.

Bret: (speaking up) You just a little more so. (Shawn glares at him)

- I added, "Too wrapped up in their own world." -

Sean: Too wrapped up in their own world to see something that's out of this world.

Shawn: You know what? I think my good mood just left me.

Bret: Shawn, I will say this…

Shawn: Do I want to hear this?

Bret: Yes…you're not as bad as you were.

Shawn: Thanks…I think.

- "So, will you help me, Bret?"
I knew that by helping Mark that I'd be putting myself into a difficult situation. But Mark was my friend, "Of course Mark."

With that said, there was no turning back from the events that would unfold. -

Hunter: How much longer is this chapter?

Sean: (to Hunter) It doesn't look like you'll be able to get ready for Stephanie.

- Around 3:00pm, Mark and I prepared to head out for the Pittsburgh Arena where RAW was being held that night.

Before leaving, I embraced and kissed Cinzia, who'd decided to stay in the hotel as she did not want to get in my way. During our embrace, I found comfort in having her body close to mine, and – maybe because I'd been spooked by what Mark had said – I didn't want to let her go.

But I did let her go, -

Bret: Why didn't I go with my instincts?

- but not before almost asking her to come with me. Something felt wrong leaving her, but I didn't know what. -

Shawn: (to Bret) I'd say that you're being oblivious now.

- I did leave her, and once Mark and I were on the road, I let the air clear my head.

Mark drove. As he did, he decided to tell me what else was going on in the WWE. Things that, if I didn't know the source, would be considered gossip. -

Hunter: Now The Undertaker gossips?

- For instance, he mentioned Jerry Lawler's younger girlfriend. -

Shawn: He always has a younger girlfriend.

- I wasn't surprised. Lawler always had a thing for younger women. -

Bret: The author doesn't realize that Mark would never tell me this, mostly because I wouldn't want to know.

- He also mentioned that Hulk Hogan was coming back for Summerslam. -

Hunter: Now the author chooses to put in a bit of reality?

- "To do what?" I asked.
"Wrestle." -

Bret: 'Wrestle' is a word that should be used loosely when Hogan's in the ring.

Shawn: If Hogan hears that, he won't be happy.

Bret: Hogan knows I don't like him.

- "You can't be serious." I had no love for Hogan, nor did I really respect him as a worker, and Mark knew it. -

Bret: Other people know it too.

Shawn: You do tend to go on and on about things.

- "Who's he going to wrestle?"
Mark said, "Randy Orton."

"Randy Orton…" I said thinking about who that was, -

Bret: Oh, come on…I know that I didn't follow wrestling regularly, but I knew who Randy was in 2006.

- I finally said, "Not Cowboy Bob Orton's kid?"
"The same. Only he's twenty-six and a former World's champion."

"Oh God," I said, "Hogan faced his father." -

Sean: Didn't Hogan face his grandfather too.

Shawn: Hogan's not that old.

Hunter: Why are you defending Hogan?

Shawn: (thinking) You know what, I don't know.

- "And yet," Mark said, "you just know that Hogan is going to win." -

Bret: Typical Hogan match: Hogan enters ring to a crowd of cheers, he rips off shirt, he locks with his opponent, shows his dominance through punches, backdrops and clotheslines; then gets in trouble, flops around on the ring mat, when it looks like the end he's pinned, but kicks out in a big way, then drops the big leg, gets the 1-2-3 and then poses for the crowd.

Shawn: If you've seen one Hogan match, you've seen them all.

- "That poor kid." I said, knowing that Hogan wouldn't let Randy look good.

Finally,,,Mark got around to telling me that Shawn was dating Hunter Hearst Helmsley. -

DX: What!

Bret & Sean: (snicker)

- "Wait," I said," I thought Hunter was married to Stephanie McMahon?" -

Hunter: I am.

- "He is," Mark replied. -

Shawn: And aren't I still married to Rebecca at this time?

- "Then why…" I asked. -

DX: Good question.

- "Well," said Mark, "Shawn turned to Hunter…soon after you turned down Shawn…" -

Bret: I what?

- "What was I supposed to do?" I replied, " I was married to Julie." -

Sean: (to Bret) And by the sound of this fan fic, I think I know why she divorced you.

- "Be that as it may," Mark continued, "Shawn turned to Hunter to get over you -

Hunter: So, I'm Shawn's rebound lover?

- and despite Hunter's marriage to Stephanie, he and Shawn have been together a lot."
"How do you know that?" I asked. -

Sean: The Undertaker spies on DX in their locker room?

- "You remember Glenn Jacobs?" Mark asked.
"The one that played Jerry Lawler's dentist who plays your brother now?" -

Shawn: (to Bret) Man, Bret, you really are out of the loop if you have to ask that.

- Mark nodded, "Well, he saw Shawn and Hunter entering a utility closet. -

Sean: Oh, so Glenn spies on DX in the utility closet and tells The Undertaker.

Bret: Sounds like DX's relationship isn't remaining in the closet anymore.

DX: (shocked that Bret would be say something so out of character) Bret!

- Curious about what was up, he peered into the keyhole and saw them making out. He said they were really going at it."

"Too much information," I said, -

DX: Agreed.

- "Does Stephanie know?" -

Hunter: If she did, something tells me I wouldn't still be married.

- "Well, it's not like she hasn't grown up in the business. I'd say she probably knows something." -

Hunter: If she does, then why am I still married to her? I can't picture her putting up with me cheating.

Shawn: Not only that, but you'd be fired. I can't picture Vince putting up with you cheating.

- "Okay…" I said, "Remind me why I'm going to

"Because you're my friend."

"If Shawn or Hunter come up to me, could you keep reminding me that?" -

Shawn: (to Bret) Why if I or Hunter come up to you?

Bret: Do I really have to answer that?

- "Be glad to."

Chapter 3: -

Hunter: (standing, and turning his back to the screen to face the others, thinking the fic is done for now) Time to get ready to see Stephanie.

- Present day: -

Shawn: Uh, Hunter, pal…I don't think we're done.

Hunter: (turns to see the screen saying 'Present Time') Damn. (sits down)

Sean: 'Present day'? Is that our present…

Bret: I think it means 'present day' in the fic.

Sean: Which is actually the future? Which refers to the past?"

Hunter: (impatient as hell) Shut up!

- And that's how things began. All I intended was to help a friend.

It's easy to write this, which I've decided to sit down and do after reading that article. -

Shawn: So we're back to Bret reacting to what he'd read.

- What will become of what I write is anyone's guess. What will become of me is anyone's guess. -

Sean: (to Bret) The way the author writes through you could make a man want to commit suicide.

- "Bret?" Shawn said, entering the living room where I'd gone to write. "What are you doing?" -

Bret: Shouldn't the paper and pen, that I assume would be in front of me, give him a clue?

Shawn: I'm said to be oblivious, remember.

- I hadn't told him what I was doing. I'd just gone off and done what I wanted. It's that lone wolf in me again. -

Shawn: (sarcasm) I see that communication is strong in our relationship.

Bret: Overpersonalizing.

- "Writing," I said, "About what happened…to us…to all of us." I didn't have to continue. Shawn knew what I'd meant. -

Sean: How can he if he's oblivious?

- "Can I see what you've written?" Shawn asked.

"I haven't gotten very far."

"Please, Bret. It's my story too."

So I let him read what I'd written – what you've already read. -

Hunter: I'm praying that means that we don't have to recap things.

-"You captured the beginning well," he said after finishing.

"Even the part where I don't say very good things about you?" -

Shawn: Yeah, I would think that I would have a problem with some of that.

- "You're only writing what you were feeling at the time," he answered. -

Shawn: That is so not me.

Bret: Yeah, what I wrote surely would have caused an argument.

Hunter: You are both overpersonalizing.

Sean: Are you jealous, Hunter? (Hunter glares at him)

- "Thanks," I said, " I'm deciding what to say next…I suppose my meeting with Vince, which happened once I'd entered the Pittsburgh Arena."

"What about writing about me…and Hunter." -

All: Eww!

Bret: Please tell me that my character doesn't.

- "Shawn…"

"Bret, you wrote about Cinzia…Please…"

I nodded, "You'll have to help me though…so that I get it the way you want it." -

All: (groans)

- As Mark and I had been preparing to drive to the arena, Shawn and Hunter had been doing the same. They'd just spent time with each other in a hotel room. -

Sean: And we all know what they did. (DX glares at him)

- "We ready to get going?" asked Hunter, as he zipped up his luggage.

"Yeah." Shawn had said. He finished making the bed. -

Bret: Shawn…make a bed…since when? (Shawn glares at him)

- Then he looked at Hunter's luggage, sadly. "I wish we had a little more time." -

Shawn: No I don't.

- "You know I have to go back to Stephanie tonight…before she gets any more suspicious than she is."

Shawn replied, "You didn't tell me she was suspicious." -

Sean: Well, it makes sense that she would be. Hunter must be spending an awful lot of nights away from home.

Hunter: That's enough out of you, Kid.

- "You're right," Hunter said after a moment. "Guess it slipped my mind." -

Shawn: Another relationship based on communication.

Sean: (to Shawn) I'm seeing a pattern in your relationships, both real and fictional.

- Shawn sat on the bed. Hunter came over and sat beside him.

"Is this worth it?" asked Shawn.

"Is what worth it?" replied Hunter. -

Hunter: If you want to communicate, you're going to have to be more specific.

- Shawn replied, "This…this sneaking around." -

- "Shawn, it's not sneaking around." -

Bret: What do you call it when you don't tell your wife what you're doing with another person?

Hunter: Shut up.

- Shawn answered, irritated, "It's certainly not being honest to your wife." -

Shawn: (to Bret) Did you just think as the author thought I would think?

Bret: I think so.

- "How can I be honest to Stephanie?" Hunter said, "She and I don't have a good relationship. I don't even think I've exchanged one loving sentiment with her."

"Then why did you marry her?" -

Hunter: Something tells me I'm not going to like seeing the answer.

- "You know that I did so for the baby," Hunter said. -

Hunter: The baby?

Sean: How cliché.

- Hunter had gotten Stephanie pregnant in 2003. -

Hunter: Excuse me. I got her pregnant in late 2005.

Shawn: Hunter, this fan fic has me down as never being married before 2010, and I'm without kids. If the author can say that, then the author can say that you have a four-year old.

- "Despite the baby, you still didn't have to marry her," Shawn said.

"Shawn, if I hadn't, Vince would have sued me and then fired me. I had no choice but to marry her." -

Sean: (to Hunter) And of course, the actual bonus to your career didn't cross your mind. (Hunter glares at him)

- "And if Vince ever found out that you were cheating on his daughter…" -

Hunter: We know!

- "He won't, if we're careful," said Hunter. -

Sean: How is making out in utility closets being careful?

- "You mean, if we sneak around," Shawn said. -

Sean: In the utility closet?

DX: Enough Kid!

- "For now, that's the way it has to be," Hunter said," But, if I have it my way, it won't be like this forever."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that when I get the chance, I will divorce Stephanie."

"Really?" Shawn said, barely containing his excitement," You'd do that"

"In a heartbeat, -

Shawn: (to Hunter) I guess that means you really love me.

Hunter: Shawn, I do love you…(off of the other's looks) as a friend! And this is fan fic. I would never actually divorce my wife for you.

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