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MWT 2007: Invasion Of The WWE (Ch. 5, Pt. 3 - slash)
Wed May 18, 2011 6:51am

- And then I'd get you to a preacher as fast as possible."

Sean: Aww.

- "Oh Hunter," Shawn said, putting his arms around Hunter's neck. "Will that day ever happen?"

"Yes," said Hunter. -

Hunter: Not if I want to keep my job. And it sounds like that's the only thing that's keeping me married to Stephanie.

Sean: Just what is Stephanie going to say after reading this?

Hunter: She'll be really sorry that I had to read this thing..

- According to Shawn, he was so sure…so determined to see his and Shawn's dreams come true.

If he only knew what was coming…if we'd all known…-

Sean: Nice, Bret. You just ruined what would be considered a touching moment. (DX looks at him) That's if it wasn't featuring you two, of course.

- Message from Marie: Okay…that's it for now. -

Hunter: (on the edge of his seat) So I can go now?

- Yes, you can go. -

Hunter: Do I have time for a shower?

- Yes. -

Hunter: Yes! (stands, then looks at Shawn) Sorry…

Shawn: No need, pal, I understand. Tell Stephanie that I said hi and kiss Aurora for me.

Hunter: Will do. (he exits the theater)

Sean: So now what?

- I could always send you chapter four. -

Bret: Why don't I make breakfast?

Sean: Sounds good.

Bret: Let's go.

The misters exit their row and walked up the aisle.

Shawn: Bret, can we have chocolate chip pancakes?

Bret: (to Shawn) Sure. (just behind the theater door) Still having divorce issues, aren't you?
(opens the door, Sean exits first)

Shawn: (in the doorway) Is it that obvious?

Bret: I'm not the oblivious one.

Shawn: Now cut that out! (exits)

Bret closed the door behind him.

End of Chapter 5 of fic

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