MWT 2007: Invasion Of The WWE (Ch. 6, Pt. 2 - slash)
Thu May 19, 2011 7:11am

- Everyone just stood there. Shawn and I were staring across the room at each other. Hunter stared at Shawn and Mark stared at me. -

Sean: A four way staring contest. Last person's eyelids to remain open wins.

- The others in the room kept looking at both Shawn and I. They were waiting to see what Shawn and I would do. -

Sean: (whispering) Fight…Fight…

- It was Shelton Benjamin that broke the silence, "I'd better go."

Nitro added, "Yeah…I have to get dressed and warm up." -

Hunter: With or without Melina?

Shawn: I take it that when we were fighting, you hung out with the Kid a little too much.

- Slightly puzzled, Melina said, "Get dressed and warm up? But Raw is a few hours away."

Nitro took his girlfriend's hand and pulled her along, "But the first match of the night is only minutes away." -

Sean: I hope so.

- I knew Nitro meant Shawn and I knew that he and Benjamin didn't want any part of it, so with Melina, they left. -

Sean: And found a place to have a three way.

All (but Sean): Kid!

Sean: Hunter started it.

- Cena remained however. In my mind, I couldn't help but think how we had all the makings of a great tag match: DX versus myself and The Undertaker, with John Cena as the special guest referee. -

Hunter: Like I'd trust Cena to referee one of my matches.

- Mark was the first of the five of us to speak. "Shawn…"

"What is he doing here?" Shawn said. -

Shawn: Here we go again.

Hunter: Four times, the same question.

- "I invited him," Mark replied. -

Shawn: Four times, the same answer.

- "You invited him?" Shawn said.

"Does Vince know?" Hunter asked.

"He does now," said Mark.

Hunter looked at Shawn, "Guess that's why Vince wanted us in our dressing room." -

Sean: (to Hunter) Dad knows best.

Shawn: (upon seeing Hunter glare at Sean, says to Hunter) How's it feel being on the receiving end of a run on joke.

Hunter: At least mine is fictionally based.

- "I would have liked more of a warning," Shawn said. -

Bret: I've told you this before Shawn, the world does not revolve around you.

- "Shawn, Bret is my guest." Mark said, "Don't make a big deal."

"Don't make a big deal?" Shawn said dramatically, "My least favorite person is standing before me and you're telling me not to make a big deal."

Mark replied, "Yes. This arena is big, Shawn. You and Bret don't need to be anywhere near each other." -

Sean: Considering that lately there's been a whole ocean between Shawn and Bret, I don't think the arena's big enough.

- "What matters is that he's here," said Shawn.

'And people accuse me of being bitter,' I thought but did not say. -

Shawn: Hey, I'm not being bitter.

- What I did say to Mark was, "I knew coming here was a mistake."

Mark looked at me, "Don't let him get to you." -

Sean: (to the screen) Let him get to you. I want to see fighting.

- "You're right that coming here was a mistake, Bret," Shawn said suddenly. "You don't belong here." -

All: Uh oh…

- That was the second time I'd heard that said that day…and while I had my doubts about being there, there was no way in hell that the man whom I blamed for partly destroying my career was going to keep making me doubt myself. -

Shawn: And now I have a headache, as I always do when Bret rants.

Bret: I don't rant.

- "Now hold on just a minute," I said angrily, "I was raised in wrestling. I was a part of almost every major change in the profession including when the territories disappeared, when wrestling became a huge family oriented spectacle and I was there at the beginning of the 'attitude era'." -

Shawn: More ranting.

- "One," Shawn said beginning to count on his fingers and enumerate his points, "you grew up in a wrestling family. I know you've said that there was never any pressure for you to be a wrestle, but let's stop kidding ourselves…you had a very demanding father…I have one too…he wanted me to go into the military so bad…and your father wanted you in wrestling…so you were." -

Bret: (to Shawn) Oh, and that's not ranting?

Shawn: That's counter ranting.

Bret: Counter ranting?

Shawn: Kind of like counter arguing, just with rants.

Bret: Fine, allow me to counter your counter rant.

Shawn: Be my guest.

Bret: My father wanted me to stay in amateur wrestling, which is far different than professional wrestling.

- "Shut your mouth," I said, "You don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, I don't…" Shawn said, "All you ever wanted to do was please your father. And about the destruction of the territories…I was there for that too. I was in the AWA at its end."

"And you barely got into the WWE. Gagne had to convince Vince to hire you and Marty Jannetty," I said, "and then the two of you got yourselves fired." -

Shawn: Okay, why is the author digging up things from 1987?

Bret: Because mentioning the Montreal Screwjob wouldn't drag this fan fic out long enough.

- "But Vince needed us back in order to breathe new life into the tag team division…" Shawn said the comment coughing it into his hand, -

Bret: Coughing it into your hand because you know that it would get you punched in the face.

Shawn continued, "I wonder, did Vince need Marty and I because you and Neidhart were dragging?"

- "You know very well that the Hart Foundation was one of the best tag teams," I said.

"Perhaps," Shawn said, "As to your last point, you weren't there for the attitude era." -

Sean: Exactly what is 'The Attitude Era' defined as?

Hunter: The shift in the way the WWE did things. Instead of goofy cartoon wrestlers like Doink the Clown, the WWE had more realistic wrestlers and did away with strictly bad and good guys.

Sean: That I knew. When did it start?

Hunter: Some say it began when Austin did his 6:13 speech at the 1996 King Of The Ring and others say it didn't begin till after the Screwjob.

- "What the hell do you think my match with Austin at Wrestlemania 13 was about?" I said. -

Bret: It was the effort by Austin and I to save the show after Shawn refused to drop the belt to me.

Hunter: (puts a hand on Shawn's shoulder as Shawn leans angrily towards Bret)

- "You'd like to take credit for everything, Bret," Shawn said.

"No Shawn…" I said, "That's you. Remember that you took credit for bringing the idea of the ladder match to the WWE." -

Shawn: (to Bret) Not the ladder match again…it wasn't my fault that Vince decided not to promote the thing.

- From behind me, I heard Cena say to Mark, "I'd rather see them start hitting each other." -

Sean: Yes!

- "You think this is bad, they haven't even mentioned Survivor Series yet," Mark replied back. -

Hunter: Give them time.

- That made me pause and think. I realized that Shawn and I had just rehashed our careers and problems…as we've done every chance we get -

Shawn: 'We'?

Hunter: Shawn, you're just as bad.

- "You're never going to let me forget," Shawn said.

I raised an eyebrow, questioning him, "Forgetting is dangerous, Shawn. Forgetting allows history to repeat itself." -

Sean: I'd like the physical fighting to repeat itself.

- "Let's hope not," said a disruptive voice. All of us in the room looked at Vince, who stood in the doorway. -

Shawn: (to Bret) I say we get Vince.

Bret: I'm with you on that one.

- Vince entered and looked at Shawn. "Shawn, I told you and Hunter to go to your dressing room."

"Yeah," Shawn said. He walked behind Vince and lowered his voice, but I still heard him say, "Thanks for the heads up."

Then Shawn walked out. -

Sean: What? No blood and violence?

- Hunter looked at the rest of us in the room and said, "Bye." Then he followed Shawn. -

Sean: Into the closet. (DX looks at him) See what happens when I'm deprived of violence?

- "Still letting Shawn get to you, Bret?" Vince said, turning to me.

"It's not only him," I said staring at Vince.

Vince didn't react. "I expected that. Your emotions, not to mention Shawn's, have always gotten the best of both of you," Vince said -

Sean: Congratulations Bret and Shawn, you're both human.

- and then Vince left, leaving myself, Mark and Cena confused as to what just transpired. -

Hunter: Nothing happened. No one went to the hospital.

- All Mark could say to me was, "Well at least you and Shawn didn't kill each other."

"Yet," Cena replied, knowing that Raw had yet to begin.

Message from Marie: I think this is a good point to pause and let you guys break and grab dinner. -

All: Thanks!

- Marie: You're welcome. Expect that you'll have to read another chapter before bed. -

All: Damn...

- Marie: (upset) What, should we just finish the rest of the story which has several more chapters to go? -

All: No!

Bret: One chapter, tonight, before bed.

- Marie: Good. -

The theater's lights come up.

Bret: Let's go guys, I'll start dinner.

End Of Chapter 6 (of the fic)

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