MWT 2007: Misting 11: Invasion Of The WWE (Ch. 7 - slash)
Thu May 19, 2011 10:33am

Time and place: The Satellite, a few hours after our heroes have eaten dinner. On Earth, it is the morning of Tuesday, September 18, 2007.


Our heroes sit around in the den. They sit in uneasy silence doing nothing, except exchange looks at each other andmake small talk.

Sean: (bringing up what's on everyone's minds) So…when do you think we'll have to read again?

Bret: (shrugs)

Shawn: Are we really just going to sit here doing nothing till Vince signals us?

Bret: (shrugs)

Hunter: Oh great, Vince has broken our spirits.

Just then, the familiar sound of Vince's signal rang and Vince appeared on the tv screen.

Vince: Aren't you four a pathetic bunch.

Shawn: Aren't you going to gloat?

Vince: I should be, huh, but I think I'll be merciful.

Hunter: So you'll leave us alone for the rest of the night?

Vince: No, I'm just going to send the next chapter of the fan fic so you guys can get to it.

Bret: You don't really know what the meaning of mercy is, do you?

Shawn: To know the meaning of mercy, Vince would have to be human. I think we've already labeled Vince as The Devil.

Vince: Very funny. May your road to hell be paved by bad fan fic. (our heroes continue to look at him) Get going already.

Our heroes get up and head to the theater.

In the theater, they resume their seats from earlier – Sean, Bret, Shawn, Hunter – and wait for the fic to start.

- Chapter 7

RAW was -

Sean: Excitingly violent ending with a brawl between Bret and Shawn.

- surprisingly quiet. Shawn and I didn't even run into each other. -

Sean: Hell, even the 50's version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers had more violence than this fan fic.

- After RAW, Mark and I went back to our hotel -

Sean: room. (Bret looks at him) You know I get even more perverse when I get bored.

- I went back to my room hoping to spend time with Cinzia, but she was already asleep. -

Sean: (to Bret) Say goodbye to your wife then.

- Alone, I got ready for bed. After that, I got into bed beside my wife and put an arm around her, but it would be hours before I would fall asleep. -

Hunter: At the rate this fan fic is going, it will be only seconds before I fall asleep.

- I don't know when I finally got to sleep. I just know that I didn't sleep long because a loud knocking woke me up. -

- Message From Marie: And remember if any of you fall asleep, you'll be awakened by an electric shock. -

Shawn: I'm awake! (he and the others sit up straighter in their chairs)

- I got out of bed. Thankfully, Cinzia wasn't disturbed. -

Bret: My wife is not that deep of a sleeper.

- I went to the door, opened it and found Mark outside in the hallway.

"Mark, what the hell…"

To which he replied, " -

Shawn: (as Mark) Bret, put on a robe. No one wants to see you in your boxers. (Bret looks at him) Well, the fan fic didn't say that you dressed before answering the door.

- Bret, you need to come with me." -

Shawn: But first put on a robe.

- "What is it, Mark?" I asked.

"It's better if I show you." -

Sean: (continuing as Mark) And then you can show me yours.

Shawn: Bret already is if he's not wearing a robe.

Bret: (to Shawn) Quit it, already!

- Because Mark sounded upset, and unnerved, I followed Mark to his room, which was six doors down from mine.

Mark led me to his door, but before he opened it, he stopped me with, "Can I trust you?" -

Shawn: Hasn't Mark said that he already trusted Bret?

Hunter: We already established that this fan fic is repetitive.

- "What are you talking about," I asked.

"I need to know that I can trust you," Mark replied.

"Of course," I said, "Mark…what is it?" -

Sean: It better be good. I'm bored.

- Mark didn't answer. He opened his door, and pointed left into the living room. I went in first…and stopped in my tracks a few feet away from a coffee table. -

Hunter: It horribly clashed with the rest of the room.

- There was a large object on the table. Long too, for part of it hung off the table's edge. It was covered by a white sheet. -

Bret: That better not be a dead body under there.

- "Mark…" I said.

He most likely heard the anxiety in my voice. He went to the table and proceeded to remove the sheet…revealing a body. -

Bret: Damn.

Shawn: Looks like the Undertaker's been taking his character too seriously. He's laid out a guy.

Hunter: I can see why Mark questioned Bret about trust.

Bret: I think the better question is: can I trust Mark now?

- "Mark," I repeated.

"Now you see why I couldn't just tell you," Mark said.

"Yeah…" My eyes kept looking from the body to Mark and back to the body

Mark saw my unease. "Wait," he said, "you don't think I did this?" -

Sean: Where's the trust?

- "No…" I stammered.

"How could you even think that, Bret?"

"What do you want me to think," I said angrily, "when you wake me up in the middle of the night and don't tell me what's going on…before showing me…" I gestured to the body, "this." -

Bret: Then I head out of the room and call the police.

- "I'll try to explain," Mark said. -

Sean: (as Mark) Tonight, I went to the hotel bar. I got drunk, met a man and took him up to my room to…you know…but the guy ended up not wanting to and I got angry and…well, you see.

Hunter: (to Sean) I want to know what you've been watching lately.

- I looked at him, waiting for an explanation.

Mark said, "I went to bed shortly after we got back. I woke up in the middle of the night as I often do to go to the bathroom. After that, I headed for the kitchen to get a drink… -

Shawn: He drinks something now? He'll only have to wake up to go to the bathroom again.

- and found 'him'…" he gestured to the body "there."

"Exactly there?" I asked.

"Yes." -

Hunter: (as Mark) Well not exactly there, his arms were hanging off the table's sides. I put them across his chest.

- "Did he move at all?" I said.

"No," Mark said. "I even checked for life signs. He doesn't have any." Off of my disbelieving face, he added, "You can check for yourself." -

Shawn: Go ahead, Bret.

Bret: I'm not touching that thing!

- "No, I'll take your word on that," I said. There was no way I was going near that body, which was unsettling me each time I looked at it. -

Shawn: Aww…Bret's scared of a dead body.

Bret: I'd like to see how you'd react.

- "Why didn't you just call the police?" I asked. -

Sean: I think that's probably the stupidest question you could ask, Bret.

- "I didn't feel like trying to explain this. I doubt they would believe me," Mark said, "I know you don't." -

All: Ooh…

- "I didn't say that I didn't believe you," I said, "I just don't know what to do." -

Sean: (to Bret) You and Mark could take the body to the nearest graveyard and bury it.

Bret: Eww…

- As it turned out, I didn't have time to think about what to do as there came a knock on the door. -

Bret: Tell me that's the police.

Hunter: Bret, you'd have to go to the police station too.

Bret: (considers that) Never mind.

- Mark looked to me…clearly worried about how this scene looked. He threw the sheet back over the body. -

Sean: Yeah, cause that's going to help.

- Mark walked back to the front door – I was right behind him – and opened it. To our surprise, there stood a bare-chested, pajama bottom wearing, tousle-haired Shawn Michaels. -

Bret: Gee Shawn, put on a shirt.

Shawn: Stop fixating on me so much. And what do you mean by tousle-haired?

Bret: Messy.

Shawn: Hey!

Bret: Even you, Shawn, do not look good when you first wake up.

- "Shawn," Mark said, "What are you doing here?"

"Well, let's see…" Shawn said irritated, "I was asleep, and then I heard you two bozos." -

Hunter: The hotel you're all sleeping in must have really thin walls.

- "What'd you hear?" Mark asked. -

Shawn: (answering) I heard everything. I called the cops. They'll be here soon.

- "Loud voices," Shawn said, "I'm just here to tell you two to keep it down." -

Shawn: That line sounds so wrong.

- "No problem, Shawn, we're sorry," Mark said. -

Shawn: Good…so now I get the hell out of this scene.

- I hoped that Shawn would go back to his room, but he didn't. -

Shawn: Damn me.

- "So Bret, how long are you going to be around?" Shawn asked.

"I don't know," I said. Then I narrowed my eyes, "Why?"

"I just wanted to know how long to expect my life to be in danger," the blonde replied.

"What!" I shouted. -

Bret: Why does everyone think I'm going to kill Shawn? Don't they get that he's not worth going to jail over?

Shawn: Much appreciated.

- "Shawn, go back to bed," Mark said.

"No wait," I said, honestly forgetting that there were bigger problems than Shawn right now, -

Shawn: (to Bret) You forgot about a dead body? Obsessed much? (Bret glares)

- "Let's have this out."

In response to that, Shawn stepped into the room. -

Hunter: (to the screen) Don't look to your left.

- "Fine," said Shawn, "let's go, old man. It's not like you'll do anything. You don't have the guts…"

Before I could think, I went with my feelings… -

All: Uh oh…

- And hit Shawn in the face. -

Sean: It's about time!

Shawn: Kid! (to Bret) What did I do to deserve that? (Bret stares at him) Don't answer that.

Bret: I won't.

- Shawn went down -

Shawn: After one punch?

Bret: You're a wimp in this story. (Shawn narrows his eyes at him)

- "Bret!" Mark said actually admonishing me. Mark kneeled to help Shawn. "We don't have time for this."

Shawn sat up and snarled at me, "Bastard." -

All: Oh no…

- Shawn was quick. He lunged at me, taking me down heavily. I almost hit my head on the floor. -

Shawn: Go me! (Bret looks at him) Sorry.

- I heard Mark close the door, probably to keep others from hearing us. -

Hunter: Well, if the walls are thin, that's not going to help the person sleeping on the other side of Mark's room…not to mention whoever is sleeping in the room under Mark's is going to feel like he or she is in the middle of an earthquake.

- I kicked Shawn just hard enough in the chest to get him away from me. -

Sean: Kicked him right in the heart.

Bret: What heart? (Shawn looks at him) Sorry.

Hunter: (concerned about Bret and Shawn) This could get ugly.

- I got to my knees. So did Shawn. We both clenched our fists meaning to hit the other. -

Shawn: I get the punch in first. (off Bret's look) I'm quicker.

- But before either of us could hit the other, Mark's strong arms shoved us backward. -

Bret & Shawn: Oww…

-"Stop this!" said Mark. "Shawn…" Mark opened the door, "get out of here."

"Fine…" Shawn rolled onto his left side then got back to his knees. Facing me, he said, "But this isn't over. You won't always have The Undertaker to protect you, Bret."

By now I'd gotten to my knees, "Bring it on." -

Sean: I'll sell the tickets. (off Bret and Shawn's looks) What? Theticket sales for your fight would provide me with a small fortune, and that's not even counting the merchandise sales that would go with it.

- "Another time," said Shawn. The blonde stood. "And Mark?"

"Yes, Shawn?" Mark said.

"Your room has the ugliest coffee table I've ever seen," he replied back. -

Shawn: Why would I care about the coffee table?

Hunter: We had to get back to it somehow.

- "Goodnight Shawn," Mark said.

But Shawn wasn't paying attention. He was looking at the coffee table, "Is that hair I see?" -

Hunter: (as Mark) It's my Chia pet.

- Before Mark and I could react, Shawn had moved over to the table.

"Shawn…" Mark said.

"I get it," Shawn said, "You two threw a party and someone's passed out." -

Shawn: Yeah, I'm a genius.

Bret: Well, you would think that Mark and I would have stopped you from going over there.

- Before he could be stopped, Shawn grabbed the white sheet. He said, "All right, rise and…" at that point, Shawn had raised the sheet and had seen what was underneath. -

Bret: I'm suddenly seeing myself on the other side of prison bars.

Shawn: Felon orange is your new color.

Hunter: You're taking communal showers.

Sean: And you have a new friend named Bubba.

- Shawn dropped the sheet, "My God."

"Shawn…" Mark said and stepped towards the blonde.

"Stay away from me," Shawn said, "Both of you. I don't know what you guys have done, but stay away from me." -

Hunter: (as Mark) Unfortunately, we can't do that.

Shawn: I'm a dead man.

- "It's not what it looks like," Mark said.

"It kind of looks like a dead man," said Shawn. -

Shawn: And I'd rather not join him.

- "We're trying to figure everything out," Mark said.

Shawn said, "Well, I can see that the two of you are confused." -

Sean: Do you mean sexually?

- He continued, "And I don't want to add to that confusion."

"We could really use you," Mark said. -

All: Eww!

- "We can?" I said.

"If another person is involved," Mark said, "then maybe we can start to make some sense out of this." -

Shawn: Why do I have to be the other person?

Sean: Because it would be keeping in your role thus far. (Shawn looks at him) Well, you are the other person in Hunter and Steph's marriage. (Shawn glares)

- "Yeah, but do we need him," I said snidely.

Whether or not we needed him, Mark told Shawn what he'd told me about finding the body. -

Shawn: Which wasn't a lot.

- After that, Mark removed the sheet entirely so that we could examine the body, which was naked -

All: Eww…

- On closer inspection, Shawn and I could see that the body wasn't quite normal.

"It's slimy," Shawn said, "and hairy."

Shawn was right. Some kind of viscous substance covered the body and the torso had tiny white hairs on it, -

Sean: Well that's gross.

- "This thing almost doesn't look human," I said.

"I noticed that too," Mark replied.

"Whatever it is, it's a big guy," observed Shawn.

I'd noticed that too. -

Shawn: I'm starting to notice that we've started calling it it.

Bret: What would you like to call it?

Shawn: Fred.

- I also noticed things about the body that I wished I hadn't. Mark, whom I kept glancing at, was seeing that my unease was growing.

"What are you thinking, Bret?" Mark finally asked. -

Bret: That we should get out of the hotel room.

- "I'm thinking that this body almost looks incomplete," I said.

"Incomplete?" Shawn questioned. -

Hunter: It's lacking something in its life.

- "Look at it," I said, "It doesn't have a mark on it. -

Sean: I hope it doesn't have Mark on it. Eww.

- Not a freckle, a mole, a scar, or any such imperfection." -

Sean: It's as smooth as a baby still inside the placenta it was born in.

All (but Sean): (sickened) Kid!

- "No fingerprints either," Mark said, as he was looking at the body's hand.

I looked at the hand. Sure enough, no pattern on the fingers.

Shawn looked too, "He removed his prints?" -

Hunter: Like the killer in Seven?

All: Ow.

- I didn't see any signs of him doing so. "I don't think so," I said.

"Well, he is dead, right?" Shawn asked.

"Dead how though?" I asked, "There's no wound."

"Well I don't know," Shawn snapped, "Do I look like a doctor? -

Hunter: No. How many doctors have long hair?

Bret: If they're not women, you mean?

- Maybe he took poison."

"I think he'd be pale in that case," Mark said.

"Yeah, the more I look at it," I said, "the less I think that it's a dead body. It's not even cold.' -

Sean: (pictures someone putting a thermometer in the body's butt, he's trying to hold back his laughter) You could always take its temperature. (the others look at him)

- I had a bad feeling and expressed it when I said, "About how tall do you think it would be standing up?"

"Tall," Shawn said. -

  • - Everyone just stood there. Shawn and I were staring across the room at each other. Hunter stared at Shawn and Mark stared at me. - Sean: A four way staring contest. Last person's eyelids to remain... more
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