MWT 2007: Invasion Of The WWE (Ch. 7, Pt. 2 - slash)
Thu May 19, 2011 10:34am

Bret: That's helpful.

- "How tall would you say?" I asked.

"I'll just pull out my tape measure," Shawn said sarcastically. I looked at him, not amused, "I don't know…6 foot 9 at least."

"Maybe 6 foot 10," I said.

"Maybe," Shawn said.

Mark raised an eyebrow, "What are you getting at, Bret?" -

Sean: I know.

Hunter: We know you know…hell even we know by now, but let's just get through the story.

- "And his weight?" I asked.

"Just over 300 pounds," Shawn said, "He could be 500. Who cares?" -

Sean: It would only be 500 pounds if it was Andre the Giant or Yokozuna, and frankly, no one wants to see them naked.

Hunter: Yeah, like seeing The Undertaker naked is going to help me sleep any better tonight.

- "I care, Shawn," I said, angrily.

Before Shawn and I could start arguing, Mark said, "Okay, so what do we do now?"

"This might be a dumb question," Shawn said, -

Bret: Coming from you, it probably is. (off of Shawn's look) I'm just saying what my character would probably say.

Shawn: Uh huh.

- "Shouldn't we just call the police?"

"And have to explain something that we can't," I said.

"We'll just say that Mark found him," Shawn said.

"Shawn, have you even seen a way that this guy could get in here?" I asked.

"No, but I haven't been looking," Shawn said -

Shawn: I think that's a good point.

Bret: Everyone's entitled to one. (Shawn glares)

Hunter: (concern is growing) I hope this chapter ends soon.

- "What about the screen door?"

"I locked it before going to bed," Mark said, "and I never saw signs of a break in."

"I think we should wait," I said, "and keep an eye on this thing."

"And do what?" Shawn said, "Have a sleepover and sing Kumbaya" -

All: (singing) Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya/Eye the dead man lord, kumbaya/Oh lord, kumbayah

Hunter: Now that we have the group sing-along out of our system…let's continue.

- I ignored Shawn's drama, "Take turns sleeping and watching the body…And if nothing changes, we'll call the police. Okay?"

Shawn glared back at me, clearly not liking this plan. -

Sean: Because it deprives Shawn of his beauty sleep. And at his age, he needs it. (Shawn looks over to him)

- "Okay," Mark agreed, "Shawn?"

"Fine," said Shawn, as he crossed his arms. -

Bret: Baby.

Shawn: Hey!

Bret: I mean the fan fic you…(pauses) although you often cross your arms in real life whenever you don't get your way.

Hunter: Does that mean there's more to this chapter?

- After the plan had been made -

Sean: (responding to Hunter's question) Guess so.

- Mark said that he would take the first watch.

Shawn happily allowed Mark to do so, even going so far to say that it was originally Mark's problem, so it was only fair. -

Bret: (to Shawn) How nice of you.

- I agreed only after Mark insisted, and let Mark know that I would take over the watch in two hours. I even set the alarm on my wristwatch. -

Sean: Unfortunately, Bret sets his watch for 3pm instead of 3am and by the time he wakes up, The Undertaker is very much into character…(looks at the others) Get it, cause The Undertaker shows no emotions…

All (but Sean): We got it!

- Then Mark said that Shawn or I could take his bed, but I said that we would sleep in the living room on the floor…to be here in case anything happened.

Shawn didn't like that, -

Shawn: I have a bad back. I can't sleep on the floor.

- but I wouldn't have it any other way. Shawn insisted though on bringing out the sheets, comforter and pillows from the bedroom. -

Bret: (to Shawn) You'd better make the bed in the morning.

- Mark said that was a good idea…and it was till Shawn wanted to hog them all. -

Bret: Typical.

Shawn: Hey!

- After almost threatening violence, Shawn relinquished to me a white bed sheet and one of the smaller pillows, keeping the comforter and larger pillows for himself. -

Shawn: I am not that selfish.

Bret: (looking passed Shawn and as Hunter) You want to tell him since he's your friend.

- By then I was too tired to keep trying to get more out of Shawn -

Sean: (grimacing) Eww…

Bret: Get your mind out of the gutter, Kid.

- and took my sheet and pillow to the left most corner of the room.

"That's where I wanted to sleep," Shawn whined. -

Shawn: I don't whine. That's Bret.

Bret: I don't whine…

Hunter: Don't make me get out a tape recorder of moments in which both of you haven't gotten what you wanted. (Bret and Shawn look at him - there was a tape recorder?)

- "Too late," I answered back, "you snooze, you lose." -

Sean: Considering this fan fic, that line fits.

- I laid down on the floor with the pillow propped up under my head. I closed my eyes, but opened them again when I felt someone standing over me -

Bret: I'm not lucky enough for it to be The Boogeyman, could I?

Hunter: You want to see an over 6 foot tall guy painted red, standing over you eating worms? (Bret looks at Hunter not quite sure what HHH is talking about)

- Sure enough, Shawn was there, looking at me…and he had an almost hang-dog expression on his face -

Hunter: You're right, I'd rather see The Boogeyman too.

Shawn: (to Hunter) Keep that up, and we'll have problems again.

- "What?" I asked.

"Please, Bret, I'd feel more comfortable in this spot," Shawn said. As if he needed to explain, he said, "Laying anywhere else will hurt my back." -

Sean: The fan fic captured your character, Shawn. (Shawn looks at him)

- "Tough," I said and closed my eyes. Sensing that he was still standing over me, I turned over so that I faced the corner. -

Shawn: (to Bret) You are so stubborn.

- I got almost comfortable when a soft object fell on me…right above the elbow of my arm. A larger object laid on the soft one and that's when I knew that Shawn was laying his head on top of me. -

Bret: (to Shawn) And you're persistent.

- And I was not going to allow that.

"Get off!" I shouted, rolling back and knocking Shawn off in the process. -

Sean: A fight before bedtime. Yes!

- "Don't blame me," Shawn replied, "You're in the spot I want." -

Bret: So you lay on top?

Shawn: If it gets you to move, I'll do anything.

Hunter: Anything?

Sean: Be careful Shawn, that's how the fan fic Bret got into the situation he's in.

- "Go find another," I said.

Mark, who'd been watching us, said, "You know Bret that you have to relieve me in an hour and forty minutes?"

I'd already wasted twenty minutes dealing with Shawn. -

Shawn: (to Bret) You would have had two hours had you given me what I wanted.

- And I hadn't exactly gotten a lot of sleep earlier. Knowing this, I got out of the corner and stood up. I looked down at Shawn, who was already taking my place. Spitefully, I said, "Happy?"

Shawn didn't reply. He mocked me with snuggling up to his pillow, pulling the comforter around himself and closing his eyes. -

Bret: (to Shawn) I see that your immaturity level has reached an all time low in this fan fic.

- I could have killed him had Mark not been in the room. However, I stomped over to sleep in the other corner instead. -

Shawn: (to Bret) Yeah, and your behavior just screams adult.

Hunter: (aggravated) It's the never ending chapter.

All (but Hunter): (hum the following to the tune of the song from The Never Ending Story) Woo-owo-oho-wo-oho-wo

Hunter: Not funny, guys.

- I guess I fell asleep at some point, but not as long as I would have liked.

I checked my watch and technically I still had eighteen minutes before I had to relieve Mark. -

Bret: I hate waking up before my alarm.

- So I closed my eyes again….

And then opened them… -

Shawn: (to Bret) I could help you out with your problem.

Bret: Shawn!

Hunter: (to Shawn) Is there something you need to tell me, pal?

Shawn: (realizing what Bret and Hunter are thinking) You guys really thought…

Bret & Hunter: Yes…

Sean: (Shawn is looking at him as if to blame him) I am not responsible for their sick minds.

- Something wasn't right in the room. I could sense that. I sat up and that's when my ears caught two sounds. It's hard to describe what I heard exactly, but I'll try. It was like a low moan…combined with a sickening popping sound – as if a toad were croaking along with the sound of dry leaves being stepped on. -

Sean: Sounds like Shawn decided to help Mark first.

All (but Sean): Eww…

Sean: I blame the fan fic.

Hunter: That's not going to work in this chapter, Kid.

- I looked to the other corner where Shawn slept, almost hoping it was him. But it wasn't. -

Shawn: See, I'm innocent.

Bret: (to Shawn) Right…and how were you intending to help me earlier?

Shawn: (admits) By knocking you out.

- I got up to see if Mark was hearing it. I came over slowly…and to my horror saw Mark slumped over on the couch. Covering him was a bunch of slimy looking tentacles – tentacles that on closer inspection were emanating from the body on the table. -

Hunter: The body on the table is getting busy with The Undertaker. (the others look at him) We so need this chapter to end.

- Disgusted, and unsure of what to do, I looked at the body. And that's when I saw what earlier I kept telling myself that I wasn't seeing. On the coffee table, I saw Mark's face. -

Shawn: Just the face? What happened to the body?

- And yet, it wasn't quite Mark. It was too clean and unmarked still…although by now, I did see a freckle or two on the body. -

Sean: Connect the dots, anyone?

- And the hair on the head of the body was the same brown-red shade as Mark's – and it was longer than before. All my fears from earlier were supported. That body on the table wasn't dead…it was…

"Mark!" -

Sean: Yep.

- I went to Mark's side and screamed his name again. This time, Mark moved, but only a little. I began shaking him and continued to cry out his name as loud as I could -

Hunter: The Deadman is dead.

- Behind me, I heard Shawn move and sit up with a, "Wha…" sound.

Needing someone to see this besides me, I called out, "Shawn, help me." -

Bret: I'm asking Shawn for help?

Shawn: (to Bret) You must really be desperate.

- When discussing this moment with Shawn, Shawn said that he hadn't heard my words so much as heard the desperation in my voice.

Once on his feet, Shawn came to my side… -

Hunter & Sean: Awww...(Bret and Shawn glare at them)

- His words verified that I wasn't going crazy…"Holy shit!" -

Hunter: In this fan fic, you must not have found God, Shawn.

- "Come on," I said, "we need to wake him up." I shook Mark harder and Shawn started shouting Mark's name…Then Shawn pounded Mark's chest. -

Shawn: I'm dead if he wakes up and he's himself.

- It was Shawn that saved Mark that night. After Shawn hit Mark, -

Shawn: I saved Mark, but I doomed myself.

- The Undertaker rose from whatever had had a hold from him. Mark's eyes opened, and he let out a gasp, as his hands reached for the tentacles and tore the slimy things away from his body.

As Mark tore the tentacles, the body on the table let out a huge groan…and shriveled up so that it was all wrinkled. -

Hunter: So now The Undertaker has a glimpse of what he'll look like when he's 90 years old.

- I looked away from it when I heard Mark gasp again.

Turning to Mark, I said, "My God…"

"What…" Mark said out of breath, "What the hell happened?" -

Sean: You were nearly taken over.

Hunter: You know, I hate it when people spoil the movie.

- "I don't know…" I said.

What could I say? I barely believed what I'd seen.

At that moment, everything seemed surreal...and continued so…even when beside me, Shawn said into his cell phone – that I hadn't seen him take out, "Hunter… It's Shawn. Come quick. Something's happened." -

Hunter: And I think Shawn's drunk, so I respond by hanging up and going back to bed.

Shawn: (to Hunter) Thanks, pal.

Hunter: I don't want to be in the fic again.

- Message From Marie: Well you will be Hunter, but for now, that's the end of chapter 7. -

Hunter: It's about time.

- Marie: Time for bed guys. -

Sean: You expect us to sleep after that chapter?

Bret: Kid, you're not scared…are you?

- Marie: It's not like you didn't know what was coming. -

Sean: I had an idea…but…it was still kind of creepy.

Shawn: (to Bret) Guess you're going to have a roomie tonight.

Bret: Me…why me?

Hunter: Kid, you're going to be fine. Everything will look good come morning.

Sean: That's if we're us by morning.

On that cheery note, our heroes left their seats and exited the theater.

End of Chapter 7

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                This fic is awesome so far! I hope you post more of it. Please do? -Allie
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                  The conclusion is coming up. Thanks for reading.
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