MWT 2007: Misting 11: Invasion Of The WWE (Ch. 8 - slash)
Thu May 19, 2011 10:40am

Time and Place: Early morning of the day after our heroes read about Mark being almost taken the Satellite's kitchen. On Earth, it is Wednesday, September 19, 2007.


Bret sat at the kitchen table enjoying a quiet cup of coffee. He'd been out of his room for about a half hour, and so far, no one else had awoken and come out of his room.

Just as Bret nearly finished his first cup of coffee of the day, Sean Waltman walked into the kitchen. The Kid's hair was sticking out in several places and he didn't look too hot.

Bret: (looking at Sean as the Kid stood in the kitchen doorway) Good morning.

Sean: (does not reply, but makes his way to the kitchen table and sits on Bret's right, then - Sean leans his body over so that his arms and head are down on the table)

Bret: I take it that it's not a good morning.

Sean: (still with his head down so that his words come out mumbled) I couldn't sleep.

Bret: Let me guess, you had visions of pod people dancing in your head.

Sean: Uh huh.

Bret: Kid, it was only a fan fic. And you watch worse things in movies.

Sean: (raises his head up to look at Bret, his arms are still on the table) But none of the things in movies happen to people I know. (pause) Aren't you ever completely freaked by the fan fic we read?

Bret: Maybe while we read them, but the fan fic does eventually end and life goes on...such as it's like a bad dream - you cry, you move on.

Sean: (sits all the way up) Yeah...(wondering) for you, what would be the most horrible fan fic to read?

Bret: (thinks) Well...(looking around to make sure that what he's about to say doesn't get taped and used against him at a later time) the most horrible would be a crossover with 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'.

Sean: I would never have guessed that you'd even seen it.

Bret: I did...(off of Sean's questioning look) I was curious what all the talk was about...and I liked Meatloaf...and now let's just say the worst fan fic ever would involve myself and Shawn - playing Brad and Janet's characters respectively - coming to Frank-N-Furter's castle and Frank-N-Furter is played by Vince.

Sean: I just had a terrible vision of Hunter in a man's gold bikini bottom.

Bret: (hadn't even thought of that) You just had to share your vision, didn't you?

Sean: On the plus side, it almost cleared away my visions of pod people coming after me.

Bret: (a little sarcastically) Good for you.

Shawn: (coming into the kitchen) What's good for the Kid?

Sean: Nothing...morning, Shawn.

Shawn: (coming to sit at the table on Sean's right, across from Bret) Morning...(noticing the almost completely clear table) breakfast?

Bret: Sorry, the Kid and I got talking.

Shawn: (having only heard part of Bret and Sean's discussion and not the full part of about the 'Rocky Horror' crossover) About Hunter in a gold bikini bottom?

Sean: (holding back choking laugh) Well, we didn't get a chance to discuss you being a slut walking aroung in nothing but a white half slip and bra.

Shawn: (looking at Sean, then to Bret) What the hell is he talking about?

Bret: (running a hand through his hair) If you know what's good for you, you won't ask again. (to Sean, who's now smiling widely) Four words for you, Kid...(talks slowly) Vince's. 'Handyman'.

Sean: (knowing what Bret means, he immediately stops smiling and shudders) I would think that would be Shane's role. And Stephanie would be his sister.

Hunter: (coming in just as Sean said, 'that would be Shane's role...he speaks his next line and all other lines very matter of factly) Stephanie is Shane's sister.

Shawn: I don't understand what they're talking about either...but good morning, Hunter.

Hunter: Good morning. (comes to the table, sits down on Bret's left and Shawn's right) How did everyone sleep last night?

Bret: Fine.

Shawn: Like a rock.

Sean: I slept like I had a rock for a pillow.

Shawn: That explains the bad hair day you're having.

Hunter: (to Sean) You should try harder to sleep. (to Shawn and Bret) More rest wouldn't hurt you two either.

Sean: I think I'd rather do some more work on Serpentina and Snakeoid. I want to learn more about their reflexes and responses to different stimuli.

Bret: (obviously doesn't share Sean's interest in machines) At least you're keeping your mind busy.

Shawn: (to Sean) One thing, though...

Sean: Yes?

Shawn: Don't make yourself look too good...(off of Sean's perplexed look) Wouldn't want Serpentina to respond to you again.

Sean: (remembering when he first met Serpentina) Right. Anyone else have plans for today?

Shawn: (to Bret) You're probably just going to read a book, aren't you?

Bret: Am I that predictable?

Shawn: Do you really want me to answer that? (not giving Bret a chance to reply) What about you, Hunter?

Hunter: I'll be around.

Shawn: (raises an eyebrow, a bit confused) Of course, you'll be around. Where else are you going to go?

Sean: What about you, Shawn, what are you up to today?

Shawn: I don't know...(looking to Bret) I'm still waiting on breakfast.

Bret: There's cereal in the cabinet.

Shawn: I don't want cereal.

Bret: Then get whatever you want. We have bread, fruit, pancake mix...

Shawn: What about crepes?

Bret: Knock yourself out.

Shawn: I want you to make them. You've been making our meals ever since we came here.

Bret: And maybe I'm tired of it. (smiles) Maybe I'm not as predictable as you thought.

Shawn: (breathes out slowly through his nose) Fine...(breakfast wasn't really something he wanted to fight with Bret over) I've seen my mother make crepes. How hard can it be? (looking to Hunter) How many do you want, pal?

Hunter: I'm not hungry.

Shawn: (looks to Sean) Kid?

Sean: I'm good with cereal.

Shawn: (looks to Bret) Bret?

Bret: I think what the others are trying to tell you, Shawn, is that they would rather starve or eat anything else to avoid your cooking.

Shawn: (looking to Hunter and Sean with disappointment) Thanks a lot, you guys.

Bret: Look, Shawn, I'll make the crepes tomorrow. I promise.

Shawn: Cross your heart?

Bret: (in the 'cross my heart' gesture) Cross my heart.

Shawn: (looks to the cabinet) Cereal it is then. (looks to the others) Unless you guys think I'll screw that up as well?

Sean: You do know how to pour milk, right?

Shawn: Yeah...

Sean: Into a bowl?

Shawn: How about I pour it on your head?

Sean: You're the one who has to eat it afterwards.

Shawn: (turns to the cereal cabinet and opens it, takes out a box of Honey Nut Cheerios)

Bret: Hey, Shawn, while you're there, want to grab the Raisin Bran?

Sean: And the Lucky Charms?

Bret: (like a disapproving parent) Lucky Charms?

Sean: (sheepishly) Well...they are magically delicious.

Shawn: (sets three boxes of cereal on the table, then three bowls, then the milk and then sits down)

Sean: Shawn?

Shawn: (takes a bowl, grabs the Honey Nut Cheerios and starts to pour them into his bowl) What?

Sean: You forgot the spoons.

Shawn: (looks at Sean like he could kill him)

Bret: (upon seeing the murder in Shawn's eyes) I'll get them. (goes and grabs spoons as Shawn pours his milk and Sean pours out his cereal)

Hunter: (stays silent as he observes what the other three are doing)

As Bret pours his cereal, and Sean pours his milk and Shawn takes his first bite...the alarm signalling for our heroes to enter the theater goes off. Because of the alarm, the misters have to talk loudly.

Shawn: (annoyed, he has a mouthful of food, he sputs and spits out a little milk) Damn it!

Sean: (a bit whiny) My cereal!

Hunter: I wonder where Vince is?

Bret: I guess it's better that the alarm is going off now and not when we were asleep.

Sean: (almost throwing a mini tantrum) But. My. Cereal!

Bret: Take it with you.

Sean: (cheers up, tantrum over) Oh, yeah! (gets up and grabs his bowl...and on second thought - grabs the Lucky Charms, but with two items in his hands; he's a bit clumsy and spills some milk)

Bret: (goes over to the cabinet to the right of the one under the sink and pulls out three trays, brings the trays to the table) Here...(hands a tray to Shawn and the Kid)

Shawn: (taking the tray) Afraid we'll make a mess?

Bret: I'm afraid the Kid will make a mess. You and I are taking trays in order to set a good example.

Sean: (offended) Hey...(about to make a comeback)

Hunter: (interrupting Sean) I think we should be getting into the theater now.

End of Chapter 8

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              This fic is awesome so far! I hope you post more of it. Please do? -Allie
              • Re: Aw...I want more!Joan, Fri May 20 4:35am
                The conclusion is coming up. Thanks for reading.
                • OkayAllie, Sat May 21 7:07pm
                  Thanks for responding. I look forward to reading it! -Allie
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