MWT 2007: Invasion Of The WWE (Ch. 9, Pt. 2 - slash)
Thu May 19, 2011 11:06am

Shawn: (holding back laughter, to Bret) That line doesn't sound right coming from you at all.

Bret: I think my character's just trying to say that he's been around a lot of wrestlers of all shapes and sizes and that he's observant.

Shawn: Sure he is.

- "Yes," said Vince, "I know you have. Which means, you have a lot of body types in your head."

"So..." I said, wanting to know where Vince was going with this.

"So," Vince continued, "you saw a body that was Mark's same height and weight...and your mind did the rest."

I shook my head, "No. No way. I'm not crazy." -

Sean: (to Bret) And now you know, neither was Mark.

- "I never said you were crazy," Vince corrected, "you just have a vivid imagination. You've always had a special way to see things." -

Shawn: (to Bret) Your special way of seeing things in your head has come back to haunt you.

Bret: (protesting) I see matches in my head. Not my friends' faces on lifeless bodies.

- "Not things that aren't there!" I said. "The body had no fingerprints..."

This time, Vince interrupted, "Maybe it didn't. Maybe it took them off with acid." -

Bret & Shawn: Ouch!

Sean: That acid line was taken from the first 'Invasion' movie.

- I exhaled and closed my eyes. I didn't know what to think anymore. "Shawn, you saw what I saw, right?"

"I don't know, Bret..." Shawn answered. He was still kneeling by his sitting lover. "I was more concerned with waking Mark up then with what the body was doing. You got a better look at it than I did." He paused and looked at Vince. "Maybe Vince is right and there is a sensible explanation to all of this." -

Bret: (to Shawn) Oh, sure, take Vince's side.

Shawn: You expect me to lie about what I didn't see?

- "Mark?" I said looking to The Undertaker with hope...but knowing somehow that it was useless asking.

Mark said, as I feared he would, "I didn't see my face on the body. And during the attack, I was pretty out of it." He rubbed his forehead and eyes. "Still feel kind of out of it too." -

Sean: Mark's got a pod-invasion-induced hangover.

- "You're exhausted. That's all," Vince proclaimed. "In fact, I suggest we all try to get some sleep." -

Hunter: It's good advice.

Sean: (looking over to Hunter) Are you nuts? It's deadly advice.

- Mark looked around his room, "I don't know if I can sleep in here..."

"Of course not," Vince agreed, "come up to my room. You can have the couch." -

Bret: Just what Mark wants to see...another couch.

- "I don't want to intrude upon you and Linda," Mark said.

Vince shook his head, "You won't be intruding. And Linda won't mind. She'll even make you breakfast in the morning." -

Sean: Mark will be one of the family by then.

Shawn: I don't suppose there's any chance that Mark will say no.

- Mark considered this, "All right. Thanks." -

Bret: (answering Shawn's last comment) Apparently not.

Hunter: (to Bret) I don't see you or Shawn offering Mark a place to stay.

- "Bret, Shawn, Hunter..." said Vince, "you three are welcome to breakfast too." -

Sean: The more the merrier.

Hunter: (a little eerily in his agreement) Yes.

Sean: (looks at Bret and grips the Hitman's arm)

Bret: (looks down at Sean's hand and back up to the Kid's face) Kid...

Sean: (trying to gesture with his head towards Hunter)

- "What time?" Hunter asked.

"Let's say..." Vince thought, "eight. That should be plenty of time...for everyone to get some sleep." -

Sean: (with a tinge of fear in his throat) Time for everyone to be taken over.

- "Sounds good," Hunter said. He started to stand up.

Shawn started to help Hunter up.

Hunter said to Shawn as he was being helped, "I'm all right." As Hunter was on his feet, "You don't have to be so concerned about me."

"But I am concerned," Shawn said with hurt in his voice. -

Hunter: Shawn, your character is not doing a good job of keeping your relationship with mine a secret from Vince.

Shawn: (who's noticed that Sean has a hand on Bret's arm) Yeah, and you're doing too good of a job. (puts a hand on Bret's other arm)

- Hunter, looking at Shawn, said, "I'll take you back to your room."

"I can make it," Shawn asserted. -

Shawn: A yeah for me.

- Hunter insisted, "I'll stay with you."

Shawn was surprised and you could tell delighted, "Really?" -

Shawn: (to his character) Don't get suckered in.

- Hunter nodded. He took Shawn by the arm and walked to the door. -

Shawn: Damn.

- Shawn stopped himself and Hunter to turn back to myself, Vince and Mark, "Good night." -

Sean: (to Shawn's character) Goodbye.

- Then, Hunter opened the door and he and Shawn were gone.

I also said my good nights to Mark and Vince and left the room for my own.

End of Chapter 8 of the post -

Hunter: (as he slowly turns to the others) And now...(when the others can view him, they see that his eyes are emotionless, his tone cold) time to go to sleep.

Bret: (who still has the Kid and Shawn's hands on his; he tells Sean) Run.

Sean: (doesn't have to be told twice, still holding onto Bret - he jumps up, knocking his tray over - and runs)

Bret: (both pulled and up on his own - knocking his tray over - runs too)

Shawn: Sorry, Hunter...(pulled by Bret, runs also)

Sean, Bret, and Shawn run up the aisle and out the theater door as fast as they can. Hunter watches them and slowly gets up to follow.

End of Chapter 9 of the fan fic

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        • Aw...I want more!Allie, Thu May 19 11:20pm
          This fic is awesome so far! I hope you post more of it. Please do? -Allie
          • Re: Aw...I want more!Joan, Fri May 20 4:35am
            The conclusion is coming up. Thanks for reading.
            • OkayAllie, Sat May 21 7:07pm
              Thanks for responding. I look forward to reading it! -Allie
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