MWT 2007: Misting 11: Invasion Of The WWE (Ch. 10 - slash)
Thu May 19, 2011 11:10am

Sean, Bret and Shawn - upon leaving the theater - ran into the Satellite's den. Shawn and the Kid have let go of Bret's arms.

Shawn: How the hell did this happen?

Sean: There must have been a pod in Hunter's room last night and when Hunter slept, the pod took him over.

Shawn: Thanks, I think I got that part. What I mean is that I thought the pods were just science fiction.

Sean: A lot of science fiction contains science fact. (almost whimpers) But I didn't think the pods were fact either.

Shawn: Don't fall apart on us, Kid, you're the expert.

Bret: How do we defeat a pod, Kid?

Sean: (a little braver) A pod person can die like a normal person...

Shawn: (concerned for Hunter) Wait...die?

Bret: Good. We can take Hunter.

Sean: But the pod people's strength is in their collective numbers - and the fact that you can't keep from sleeping forever. And someone had to have put a pod in Hunter's room.

Hunter: (at the den's doorway) That's right. (with the others looking at him, Hunter enters the den coming slowly closer to them)

Shawn: (pleading) Hunter, please...whatever you're thinking of doing, don't do it.

Hunter: I'm not going to hurt you...any of you. I'm going to make you better.

Bret: I know I'm fine the way I am.

Hunter: You're troubled. I can make your troubles go away.

Sean: I like my troubles.

Hunter: Join me and you'll never miss them.

Shawn: (gently) Hunter...(as Hunter looks right at Shawn) even though you're a pod, you're still my best friend...(more sternly) that's why I'm so sorry for this. (comes at Hunter...and delivers Sweet Chin Music to his friend's jaw)

Hunter: (head snaps back and he falls backward, hitting the floor like a ton of bricks)

Shawn: (surprised that Hunter was taken out so easily, he moves back to Bret and Sean) I didn't expect that to work.

Bret: I didn't expect you to kick him.

Shawn: I've kicked him before...during a match...(gesturing to Hunter who hasn't moved) but not him, of course...the real Hunter...

Sean: (interrupting Shawn's babbling) What do we do with (also gestures to Hunter) him?

Bret: (goes over to Hunter's body)

Shawn: We could tie him up.

Sean: And then what? Keep him as a pet?

Bret: (kneeling at Hunter's side and examining him, continues to examine Hunter as Shawn and the Kid talk)

Shawn: I don't know...but we don't have to kill him, right?

Sean: Shawn, that's not Hunter anymore.

Shawn: I know that.

Sean: The real Hunter's dead.

Shawn: (closes his eyes) I figured that...(opens his eyes, getting angry) I also figure that we can interrogate the thing that killed him.

Sean: Sounds like a plan.

Bret: (looks to the Kid and Shawn) There's just one little problem to it.

Shawn: (he and Sean look at Bret) What's that?

Bret: He's dead.

Shawn: (shocked) But all I did was kick him.

Bret: I can't explain it either. But at the same time, I'm not sorry about it. You shouldn't be either. You didn't mean to kill him.

Shawn: What I did was kill our chance to find out who put the pod on the ship.

Vince's voice: (fills the den) That would be me.

As our heroes look around the den, the pod Hunter suddenly disassembles. Bret backs away from it as it breaks up into molecules...and disappears.

Vince: (pops up on the tv screen) Hello, gentlemen.

Bret: (angrily goes to the tv, just as Shawn and the Kid do) You...

Shawn: You did this?

Sean: (jumping to conclusions) You're the leader of the pod people, just like in the fan fic.

Vince: The fan fic didn't make me leader of the pod people, did it?

Bret: Well, aren't you...for real?

Vince: (like he's talking to a child) Bret...pod people are science fiction. Do we have to have a discussion about what's real and what's make-believe?

Bret: (glares at Vince) You set us up.

Vince: (smiles) I did. It was so easy too.

Shawn: (demanding) Where's Hunter?

Vince: With me.

Shawn: Is he all right?

Vince: He's a little upset that his time with Stephanie and Aurora has ended so soon, but other than that, he's fine.

Shawn: (confused) Come again?

Vince: I let Hunter see his wife and daughter so that I could carry out my plan.

Bret: Which was?

Vince: To have a clone of Hunter's act like a pod that it would freak you out.

Sean: It did.

Vince: Good. Then I can also say that the Clone De-emotionalizing Test was a success.

Bret: Clone De-emotionalizing Test?

Vince: Yes...the only thing is that the Clone De-emotionalizing Process seems to make the clone easier to kill.

Shawn: Maybe you have to be able feel in order to live.

Vince; (considers this) Perhaps. (looks away from our heroes for a moment) I just got a message from Marie. You made a mess in the theater.

Shawn: Not me. (points to Bret and Sean) Them.

Vince: It doesn't matter who made it. It needs to get cleaned. And you need to get back to reading the post.

Bret: (sighs heavily) How much longer is this thing?

Vince: Another two or three chapters.

Bret, Shawn & Sean: (groans)

Vince: So, I'll send Hunter back to you and then you can get on your way. (disappears from the tv screen which shuts off)

Bret: I suppose we'd better...

Just then, the sound of the transporter was heard. Our heroes watched as molecules appeared and reformed themselves. After a moment, Hunter stood before them in a bathrobe.

Hunter: (irritated) Why do I almost always get transported when I'm semi-naked?

Shawn: Hunter...(comes closer to Hunter) is that you?

Hunter: (afraid) Why? (checking his body with his hands) Did the transporter malfunction again?

Shawn: No, but...

Sean: You are you, right?

Hunter: Of course, I'm me.

Sean: (comes to Hunter and starts circling, checking Hunter for any thing out of place)

Hunter: (eyeing Sean) Kid?

Sean: Where have you been?

Hunter: With Stephanie and Aurora in their room in WWE Headquarters. Didn't Vince tell you?

Shawn: He told us a few moments ago.

Hunter: He didn't tell you earlier when you first woke up?

Shawn: No.

Hunter: Vince said he'd let you know where I was.

Bret: What exactly did Vince tell you today?

Hunter: (remembering his morning) When I woke up, Vince contacted me in my room.

Shawn: He can do that?

Hunter: Apparently. Anyway, Vince said that he would let me see Steph and Aurora for a few hours.

Bret: Did he say why he was being so nice?

Hunter: I didn't think to ask why. I just jumped at the chance to see my wife and daughter.

Sean: (clearly upset) It's just like you to think with your little brain and not your big one.

Hunter: (surprised by Sean's anger) Kid! (to Bret and Shawn) What's wrong with him?

Shawn: We haven't had the best of mornings.

Hunter: Why? What happened? (thinks a moment) Did Vince do something?

Shawn: Vince sent us a de-emotionalized clone of you to act like a pod person copy of you.

Hunter: (doesn't understand everything Shawn just said) There's a clone of me running around?

Shawn: He's not running around. He's dead. I killed him.

Hunter: (shocked) You

Sean: You were about to attack us.

Hunter: (to Shawn) How'd you kill me?

Shawn: Superkicked you really hard.

Hunter: (speechless)

Shawn: I'm just glad it wasn't really you.

Hunter: Yeah, me too.

Sean: (very close to Hunter) You had no idea what was going on with us?

Hunter: None, I swear.

Vince's voice: (filling the den) He really didn't. Now, don't you gentlemen have something to do?

Bret: (sighs) I'll get the mop, broom and dustpan. Kid, you get the trash can...

Sean: (interrupting) Nope. (glaring at Hunter) I'm not letting Hunter out of my sight.

Hunter: I need to change. (gestures to his robe) I was in the shower when Vince's men came for me.

Sean: You can change. You're just doing it in front of me.

Hunter: No way.

Sean: Then you can stay in your robe for all I care, but I am not taking my eyes off of you.

Hunter: (threateningly making a fist) Guess I'll have to remove your eyes for you, Kid.

Bret: (stepping into the situation) Okay then...Hunter, let the Kid come to your room with you.

Hunter: No.

Bret: (to Hunter) Look, it will make us all feel easier about you if you do. (to Sean) Kid, when Hunter is getting dressed, look away.

Sean: I will feel easier about Hunter if I don't.

Bret: (pleading) Kid...please...

Sean: (relinqueshing) All right. (to Hunter, gesturing for him to move) You go ahead of me.

Hunter: (to Bret) If he tries anything...

Sean: (loudly) If I try anything!

Bret: (sternly) Guys...don't try anything!

Hunter: (moves towards the den's door with Sean right behind him)

Bret: And meet us in the theater when you're done. (watches Hunter and Sean exit the den, then Bret looks to Shawn) Shawn, if you could grab the trashcan...

Shawn: I didn't make a mess.

Bret: Shawn, I can't carry everything myself. (begging) Please?

Shawn: Oh, fine. (heads towards the kitchen)

Bret: And grab some rags while you're at it?

Shawn: This day sucks. (exits the den)

Bret: I couldn't agree with you more. (exits the den)

End of Chapter 10 of fic

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      • Aw...I want more!Allie, Thu May 19 11:20pm
        This fic is awesome so far! I hope you post more of it. Please do? -Allie
        • Re: Aw...I want more!Joan, Fri May 20 4:35am
          The conclusion is coming up. Thanks for reading.
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            Thanks for responding. I look forward to reading it! -Allie
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