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behind the lens pt1
Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:09pm

This is a rewrite of a fic I wrote 10 years ago. If it seems familiar to anyone and you have the original please let me know. I’d love to have it again.
I don’t own anyone. This is a fanfic and some of the characters belong to WWE. My opinions and the story are written by me and don’t necessarily reflect the character’s actual storyline.

SMASH!! SMASH!! The sound of Kane hitting the lockers rang through the room, and even into the hallway. “why, damn it why did I trust him again. I know better than to trust my brother. “he thought to himself. “I was better off alone, like I’ve always been ALONE!”
Smashing his hand into several more lockers he didn’t even notice the blood smearing on them from his knuckles.
“Damn it not now!” she shouted banging her hands on the steering wheel of her battered dodge. “of all the days for you to act up it had to be today.”
“Come on, come on.” She muttered as she tried the dodge again and again. “Start you piece of shit!”
Suddenly her phone rang startling her so much she jumped, “Hello, she growled into the phone.”
“We have another one.” Mike stated not bothering with hello.
“Is it at least an adult this time? You know I hate when you call me about kids.” Samantha said.
“Yes Sam.” He replied.
“Well you’ll have to come pick me up the dodge is dead again.” Samantha replied.
“No problem, just get your equipment and be ready to roll.” Mike replied.
“I’m already packed I was going to get some shooting done today.”
“I’ll have someone there in just a few minutes then.”
Within moments she heard the siren. “Great” she thought he’s actually sending someone with a siren. “Just call attention to me why don’t you. My landlady will be pissed about this for sure.”
The police car showed up seconds later. She climbed in the front seat and he sped off.
“Where we headed” she asked the young officer who was obviously a rookie.
“An alley behind the grocery store, on South and Main.” He replied sounding a little put out to be playing taxi.
As they approached she could see all the lights flashing even though it was daytime. They rebounded off the walls of buildings nearby. She ducked under the yellow tape and said hello to some of the officers she knew as she passed. She took a deep breath as she entered the alley, trying to calm her nerves.
Why do I do this? She wondered as she approached Mike.
He didn’t say he word he just pointed to the body and grimaced. “There is your subject. Please make sure and get plenty of crowd shots.”
“Don’t I always Mike.” She said a little upset that he would tell her how to do her job.
She stepped closer to the body trying to ignore the fact that it was mutilated. Bringing her camera up she began to focus on what was beyond the lens. How did I get myself into this? She thought. I didn’t get myself into it she remembered.
I was out on a date and mike called he said he really needed me, that I should bring my cameras and meet him in the county baseball field. That was the beginning, though I wished it had been the end too. The victim had been a five year old girl. She had been raped and beaten to death. I’d turned and gotten sick immediately. But he’d ignored that and walked over. “you can do this.” She remembered him saying. “we need the shots and our photographer is on another call. We have to get them before it starts to rain and washes away all the evidence.” She thought. Still sick to her stomach she had taken the shots and her shots had caught the killer.
Snap, she moved while moving she snapped a few more pictures of the crowd. Then she took a few more of the body. Adult my ass! She thought to herself as she moved around the body. This kid is barley sixteen. But from the looks of him this was gang related. Taking a closer look she saw the green bandana a few feet away, it was nearly burned completely but she could still see a corner was unburned. Walking over she took a couple of shots of that and on the way back got some more crowd shots. Green that’s dragon colors. She thought, what is a dragon doing in this territory.
Moving around some more Snap she looked only through the lens never really looking at the body. When she was done she moved toward mike rewinding the last roll of film. Taking it out she dropped it in the evidence bag with the other rolls and sealed it.
“There,” she said slapping the bag against Mike’s chest. “Plenty of crowd shots as ordered.”

As Kane walked out of the building his attitude of rage was obvious and most people gave him plenty of room.
“there he is” muttered Jerico. “Time to give him a piece of my mind.”
Jerico approached he ignored the clenched fists and Kane’s manner.
“You owe me an apology!” Jerico said grabbing Kane’s arm.
In a flash Kane jerked his arm away and swung nailing Jerico in the face. Jerico flew backwards into a wall and bounced off and lay still.

    • This is ringing bells!Anonymous, Fri Dec 16 12:57am
      And to think, I just so happened to pop by several months after this was posted while cleaning up bookmarks. As for the original, I still have it. I think I may even have a working link as well; I'll ... more
      • oh thanksjasseen, Fri Dec 16 9:13am
        it would be incredible to get it back.... both of them if possible... it's 'behind the lens' and 'losing the light' if i could even get a majority of them back i could recreate them....
        • The linksEllie, Sat Dec 17 3:11pm
          After a look through my bookmarks, I've found you working links. and... more
        • Re: oh thanksEllie, Fri Dec 16 11:31am
          I've uploaded them to my dropbox as .ZIP files. Unfortunately, they're HTML files that I managed to save off of a now debunked site, but I hope they're helpful anyway. Links:... more
          • thanks ever so muchjasseen [dragon of shadows], Tue Dec 27 4:47pm
            thanks so much i'm so glad to get mystories back i thought they were gone forever when i lost them.... i really appreciate you finding them for me
            • P.S...Ellie, Tue Dec 27 8:26pm
              This is probably a somewhat rhetorical question, but are you still writing? It seems that once a writer, always a writer, even if it's writing just for yourself; nevertheless, I'm curious.
              • Re: P.S...jasseen, Tue Dec 27 11:43pm
                thinking about starting again...but the link you gave didn't have the end of Losing the light.. must have only posted it here... have to rewrite that first
                • Re: P.S...Ellie, Wed Dec 28 12:27am
                  The link didn't have it, but the file I uploaded does. Here's the file again: I remember copying it off of this... more
                  • Re: P.S...jasseen, Thu Dec 29 6:01pm
                    we could try to rev the place back up by posting... i know i went to several sites that seem to be dead and left because there was nothing new... maybe we could get this place going again if we tried
            • Re: thanks ever so muchEllie, Tue Dec 27 8:04pm
              I'm really glad I could help. I was a pretty big fan of them when you posted the originals. :)
              • Re: thanks ever so muchjasseen, Tue Dec 27 11:44pm
                is this site still active... if so i'll repost the story.... but no sense in doing that if there are no readers here anymore
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