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Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:05pm

The fourth one is a 5-part series by Jenni W. I looked for a long time for it because I used to have it and lost it. I ended up finding it again through Wayback Machine. I'll send the stories along.

  • SOME FIC I AM LOOKING FOR *FIC SEARCH*Pixie, Sat Jun 11 12:06am
    Firsr I am looking for a Fanfic that took place when Triple H & Steve Austin was doing the two man power trip in the fic they raped Edge and Kane was in love with Edge. From the fic i remember... more
    • FicsAnalorien, Fri Dec 7 11:38pm
      I am also looking for into the darkness...if you have found it please let me know...I saw Chasing Shawn on awhile back..
    • Re: SOME FIC I AM LOOKING FOR *FIC SEARCH* — Pezzie, Wed Sep 28 4:05pm
    • Chasing ShawnTakerslady, Fri Jun 24 1:54am
      I don't know about the other ones but here's Chasing Shawn by Yhu:
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