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oh thanks
Fri Dec 16, 2011 9:13am

it would be incredible to get it back.... both of them if possible... it's 'behind the lens' and 'losing the light' if i could even get a majority of them back i could recreate them....

  • This is ringing bells!Anonymous, Fri Dec 16 12:57am
    And to think, I just so happened to pop by several months after this was posted while cleaning up bookmarks. As for the original, I still have it. I think I may even have a working link as well; I'll ... more
    • oh thanks — jasseen, Fri Dec 16 9:13am
      • The linksEllie, Sat Dec 17 3:11pm
        After a look through my bookmarks, I've found you working links. and... more
      • Re: oh thanksEllie, Fri Dec 16 11:31am
        I've uploaded them to my dropbox as .ZIP files. Unfortunately, they're HTML files that I managed to save off of a now debunked site, but I hope they're helpful anyway. Links:... more
        • thanks ever so muchjasseen [dragon of shadows], Tue Dec 27 4:47pm
          thanks so much i'm so glad to get mystories back i thought they were gone forever when i lost them.... i really appreciate you finding them for me
          • P.S...Ellie, Tue Dec 27 8:26pm
            This is probably a somewhat rhetorical question, but are you still writing? It seems that once a writer, always a writer, even if it's writing just for yourself; nevertheless, I'm curious.
            • Re: P.S...jasseen, Tue Dec 27 11:43pm
              thinking about starting again...but the link you gave didn't have the end of Losing the light.. must have only posted it here... have to rewrite that first
              • Re: P.S...Ellie, Wed Dec 28 12:27am
                The link didn't have it, but the file I uploaded does. Here's the file again: I remember copying it off of this... more
                • Re: P.S...jasseen, Thu Dec 29 6:01pm
                  we could try to rev the place back up by posting... i know i went to several sites that seem to be dead and left because there was nothing new... maybe we could get this place going again if we tried
                  • Re: P.S...Ellie, Fri Dec 30 12:11am
                    I could go for that! I really do miss the fandom. Also, if you're looking for an archive site, is pretty decent. They're invite only at the moment as they're still in beta,... more
                    • rere psjasseen, Fri Dec 30 11:39am
                      couldn't get most of it unzipped but did get the last chapter that i was looking for... i'll start posting here to day and we'll see what happens
          • Re: thanks ever so muchEllie, Tue Dec 27 8:04pm
            I'm really glad I could help. I was a pretty big fan of them when you posted the originals. :)
            • Re: thanks ever so muchjasseen, Tue Dec 27 11:44pm
              is this site still active... if so i'll repost the story.... but no sense in doing that if there are no readers here anymore
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