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Re: P.S...
Wed Dec 28, 2011 12:27am

The link didn't have it, but the file I uploaded does. Here's the file again:

I remember copying it off of this board and pasting it into a text file.

Things seem pretty dead around here, unfortunately. :(

  • Re: P.S...jasseen, Tue Dec 27 11:43pm
    thinking about starting again...but the link you gave didn't have the end of Losing the light.. must have only posted it here... have to rewrite that first
    • Re: P.S... — Ellie, Wed Dec 28 12:27am
      • Re: P.S...jasseen, Thu Dec 29 6:01pm
        we could try to rev the place back up by posting... i know i went to several sites that seem to be dead and left because there was nothing new... maybe we could get this place going again if we tried
        • Re: P.S...Ellie, Fri Dec 30 12:11am
          I could go for that! I really do miss the fandom. Also, if you're looking for an archive site, is pretty decent. They're invite only at the moment as they're still in beta,... more
          • rere psjasseen, Fri Dec 30 11:39am
            couldn't get most of it unzipped but did get the last chapter that i was looking for... i'll start posting here to day and we'll see what happens
            • the lost yearsjasseen, Fri Dec 30 12:27pm
              since you did such a good job finding the other fics i have to assume you have many of the old links... i saw the lost years another one of my stories but now can' t find it again.... if you could... more
              • Re: the lost yearsEllie, Fri Dec 30 12:40pm
                Here you go :)
                • Re: the lost yearsjasseen, Fri Dec 30 2:31pm
                  you are the best... thanks
                  • Re: the lost yearsEllie, Fri Dec 30 3:20pm
                    Aw, I try! *Grin* There was a rewrite of "The Lost Years" that you started in 2007, if you'd like what I saved of that as well? Eh, what the hell; here's a link :)... more
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