Kane the lost years
Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:32pm

The Lost Years
By Jasseen

Chapter One

Oh, Kane thought, where am I? He was so cold and he hurt. Oh, how he hurt. As his mind cleared he remembered. FIRE! Running into the house, he had to get
mom out. So Hot! Found her, saw her through the flames! Her cries echoed through his head, Yelling at him to get out, leave her and escape. He rmembered running, trying to get out. His clothes catching fire, then the awful smell. He could hear voices far to his left. Kane slowly and painfully turned his head toward the sound. He could barely see. Straining he realized what he was seeing. The flashing lights of fire trucks, backlit by the flaming house.
Kane tried to move. ‘Help!’ he screamed to them, but there was no sound. He tried again but still no sound escaped his lips. Just the attempt had hurt
so bad that his sight grew dim. Kane struggled to stay awake. He had to get help. Kane gathered his strength and tried to move toward the sounds. PAIN!
And darkness.

Slowly Kane became aware of the pain again. He listened, straining through the darkness to hear if help was still within reach. He heard only silence. Kane laid there every breath burning his throat and chest. Tears burned his eyes and scorched trails down his cheeks. Then he thought he heard a sound. Yes,there it was again. Footsteps and soft angry muttering. He couldn’t make out the words, he was only grateful to no longer be alone in the silence and pain. He tried to raise his right arm to get some attention but the pain was just too great. A small sound was torn from his ravaged throat. The sounds stopped.
‘NO!’ Kane cried in his mind. ‘Don’t Go, please help, I’m over here!’ he concentrated all his energy on that sound willing it closer. Then Kane saw a shadow,followed by the sound of branches scraping together. He tried to see who it was but couldn’t see more than a blur.

A voice broke the silence, ‘Kane’ the voice said ‘Oh yes, you live.’ The voice was familiar but he couldn’t place it right away. The figure bent down and Kane could now see it was Paul, his father’s assistant. Paul reached down and slowly began to pick him up. As Paul moved him the darkness again claimed
Kane. ‘There is still a chance’ Paul muttered to himself as he lifted the boy. ‘I can still succeed’ Paul smiled to himself as he carried the boy into the night. ‘Oh Yes, still a chance.’

Again Kane slowly became aware of pain. Oh mom, he thought it hurts. Then again he remembered what had happened. Something covered his face. He tried to reach up and move it but his right arm wouldn’t move. He reached with his left but something stopped it.

‘NO!’ Kane heard, ‘Don’t move’ the voice was not Paul’s. ‘You’ve been badly burned and must be still.’ The voice was firm and commanding. Kane’s arm was
placed back at his side. He heard the voice speaking with someone. ‘It’s real bad’ he said. ‘I don’t know how much I can fix.’

There was silence for a moment then he heard Paul say, ‘Just do what you can, so long as he lives.’ This really scared Kane. Through the haze of pain Kane
tried to listen to what else was said but couldn’t concentrate. He kept trying to open his eyes, but there was something covering them. Kane wanted to ask what was wrong. Where he was and how bad he was hurt. He needed to know about Mark. Had mom gotten out? What about dad? Where were they? Why weren’t they here? The questions swirled through his brain. As he lay there he felt hands. It took him a minute to figure out what was happening. The bandages were being removed. At first it was ok then it started to burn. Kane could feel the wounds being cleaned. Kane tried to be good, to lie still as the voice had commanded but he couldn’t. The pain made him twitch and jerk. Both Paul and the voice demanded that he be still. He wanted to tell them that it hurt, that he was trying but he couldn’t make a sound. When they’d removed the bandages covering his face he opened his eyes. He was shocked to find that he still couldn’t see, and he began to panic. Again he was told not to move. A shape moved in front of him, it was nothing but a large blur and that really frightened him. The shape grew closer and as it did he could make out the blurred face of Paul. He looked angry and barked at Kane to be still. Then he grabbed him. Kane stiffened in pain and passed out.

When Kane woke next it was quiet. Very quiet. Where is everyone he wondered. He remembered visiting someone in the hospital once and it was really noisy.
Why was this hospital so quiet? Why was it so cold? He lay there shivering straining to hear something, someone, anything to tell him where he was. Finally after what seemed like forever a noise. A door opening then footsteps. He heard something being put down then felt the bandages on his face being moved.

‘No, oh not again’ he cried silently. He stiffened and heard Paul say ‘calm down! I’m just moving them so you can eat.’ Kane felt himself being propped
up. ‘Open your mouth.’ Paul Said. Kane struggled to open his mouth. Pain lanced through the right side of his face but he was so hungry that he continued trying. Paul spooned some liquid into his mouth and he swallowed. Though the liquid had been cool on his tongue it scorched his throat. Kane forced himself to repeat this again and again with tears of effort stinging his eyes. Paul finally said, ‘enough food for now.’ Then tipped Kane’s head back and began to pour water into his mouth. When he was finished Kane fell into and exhausted sleep. He awoke to pain with his bandages being removed again. The voice said, ‘he’s running a high tempeture it doesn’t look good.’ Paul replied ‘do something, he MUST live.’ Kane felt a pinch in his arm. He tried to stay awake to listen so maybe he would get some answers. He couldn’t; everything was so confused. Kane fell into a dream filled sleep. In his dreams he saw his family.

A picnic they had all gone on together just last year. He’d been 11 at the time. They had eaten way too much and played catch and tag. It had been a great day. When Kane awoke he could tell he was alone again. He was so cold; he could feel his body tremble. He could feel the weight of the blankets but they did nothing to keep him warm. His body covered in cold sweat. He heard a door open and someone approaching. Kane thought it was Paul; he was beginning
to recognize his heavy steps. He heard Paul sit down and a heavy sigh. ‘Kane’ he said, 'I had hoped to be able to wait but I must tell you now.’ Paul paused again. ‘I’m sure you remember the fire or at least part of it.’ Kane’s mind immediately flashed back to the images he remembered from that horrible event.

He took a deep breath and nodded. ‘I’m sorry,’ Paul continued ‘but your parents didn’t get out. They died.’ He paused yet again to let his words sink in.
‘Today was the funeral. I’m sorry I have left you alone at times but I felt I owed it to them to take care of the preparations myself.’ Kane nodded slightly to show he understood. ‘Kane,’ Paul said, ‘there’s more. It’s about your brother. He didn’t go to the funeral. I’m still investigating but I think it was because he felt guilty. I think he started it intentionally. Kane stiffened. ‘no that can’t be. They’re dead.’ Until now he had still hoped. ‘Mark started it! That can’t be true, he couldn’t, wouldn’t, HE DIDN’T DO THAT’ Kane’s fevered brain couldn’t make sense of it. Paul was quiet for a moment then said

‘I’ll be back.’ Kane heard him leave. The days passed in a haze of fever, pain and confusion. Kane’s routine was much the same. He was bathed, fed and
slept a lot. Kane had no idea how much time had passed and he really didn’t care. Everything was gone. All he had ever loved torn from him.

Chapter Two

The bandages had been removed again. The pain of cleaning not as bad any more. When they replaced the bandages this time they didn’t cover his left eye.
Though he still saw mostly blurs at least he had that now. He felt a pinch in his arm and watched the smaller blur hang something over the bed. ‘It’s working,’ the voice said ‘his temp is down a little’. They left and he was alone again. The following days were much the same. Kane’s wounds were treated and Paul came down a few times a day to feed him. Never staying long after it was done. Kane hated the silence when he was alone. He had nothing to do but think about what Paul had said. Paul’s words circled round and round in his mind. Little by little his fevered brain began to justify those words. He still remembered the good times with his family. He also remembered times that weren’t so good. Mark getting really angry with his parents, yelling at them. Telling them he hated them. Could he have done it? Slowly day-by-day the vision in his left eye cleared and he was thrilled that he could now watch the sunlight on the window across from his bed. He could finally tell day from night. He could also now see he was in a basement. Why was he in a basement and not a hospital?

Slowly Kane began trying to move around. It was very difficult and painful at first. He was so weak just getting into the sitting position was exhausting.
With slow steady progress he was finally able to get up and move to a chair for a little while each day. Then to move a few steps around the room. His
weakness frustrated him. Then came the day they removed the bandages, and replaced them with a gauze/net material that was tied to his face and hands.
Paul said it was to prevent scarring but Kane knew it was a waste. He had heard Paul’s friend say that he’d done what he could but that it wasn’t going
to be enough. Kane searched the basement for a mirror. He wanted to see the results of that night. There was no mirror to be found. Paul continued to tell Kane of the results of his investigation. He laid more and more damning evidence at Mark’s feet. Kane still didn’t want to believe it. To have lost his parents was horrible enough. Mark being the person who took them was too much to bear. Over time he began to feel great anger toward Mark. Eventually growing to hate him with a white-hot fury. Paul encouraged this feeling. All other emotions were met with disdain. When he caught Kane weeping he called him weak and childish. Still a child Kane wanted to please Paul so he kept his confusion and sorrow to himself.

Eventually the last of Kane’s coverings were removed. He could see that his right hand was scarred pretty badly. He could also see a few scars on his chest
and legs though they were hardly noticeable. He felt his face and could feel the rough scarring. Though mainly on the right side his left was not as smooth as it had once been. As he had healed he’d wondered where was Mark? Was he here too? Had he been arrested for setting the fire? He had no way of finding out, since he still could not speak and had found no way to write Paul a note. Kane continued trying to push himself to make himself stronger. His hands free of bandages he was now able to feed himself. That was a great improvement. Kane ate everything Paul brought him, though the food was often burned or undercooked. He knew that he must eat to get strong. Kane had always assumed that once he was healed he would return to school. He waited and waited but Paul never mentioned it. Once he felt strong enough Kane climbed the stairs and tried to leave the basement, only to find the door locked. He had heard Paul leave so he knew banging on the door would be useless. ‘Locked in, how could he do that?’ Kane wondered. ‘What if something happened, I’d be trapped.’

Yet another question I can’t get answered he thought. Every day Kane would check the door when Paul left but it was always locked. Kane still waited for
Paul to tell him when he would return to school. He was stronger now he could do it. Surely Paul had noticed that he was getting around pretty good. Kane
was also sick of the basement, he wanted OUT. One day Paul came downstairs with a pile of books and notebooks. ‘Oh’ thought Kane ‘finally I’m going back
to school.’ He was wrong. Paul sat down and pushed the books across the coffee table toward him. ‘I’m no teacher so you will have to do the best you can.’
Kane was angry. He was sick of the basement. He wanted to go outside, to be around other people. He snatched a notebook from Paul’s hands and began to
write furiously. All the unanswered questions he’d held for so long.

Where’s Mark?

Where do you go every day?

Why do you lock the basement door? I could die down here?

Why can’t I go to school?

When will I be able to speak?

And finally with shaking hands can I have a mirror?

Paul got angry. ‘You want answers! Oh yes, I’ll give you answers!’ Then without saying another word he turned and stormed up the stairs. Kane could hear him walking around upstairs and wondered what he was doing.

When Paul came back he was carrying a large mirror. He shoved the mirror into Kane’s hands. Kane took a deep breath and turned the mirror around. He looked
into the face of a Monster! That couldn’t be his face! It looked like something out of a horror movie. The skin was twisted and puckered like melted plastic.
The scars standing out dark against his otherwise pale skin. His right eye a milky blue, while the other remained the dark hazel it had always been. Kane
threw back his head and let loose a silent scream of anguish. His vision turned red and he began destroying the basement. Throwing or breaking anything that he touched. Finally his rage spent he threw himself back first into a corner and slid down the wall, curling up with his head in his hands.

‘Now,’ Said Paul ‘you have the answers to some of your questions.’ He paused waiting for some sign that Kane had heard him. He got nothing. Paul continued
anyway. ‘I go to work every day. Someone must provide for us.’ Paul paused. ‘I keep you here to protect you. Do you know what would happen if you left.
They would stare, they would laugh. They would call you a monster or worse. They’d take you away and lock you up. That’s why I lock the door and why you
can’t go to school.’ Paul stopped for a moment letting his words sink in. ‘Kane, you’ll never speak. The fire damaged your throat inside. You’re lucky
you weren’t blinded.’ Paul turned his back to Kane, a small smile breaking through. ‘As for Mark, well he is living with a nice couple. He goes to school, plays football, and has a fine life. Oh Yes,’ Paul continued ‘he has it all.’ Paul struggled to make the smile fade before facing Kane again. Paul was surprised to see Kane still sitting exactly as he had been. He had not moved at all since sitting down after his assault on the basement. Paul just watched him for a while then without another word left.

Kane sat there for a long time. He didn’t know what to think. After some time he lowered his head and wept. Tears streaming down his fire ravaged face.
How could it be that the person who had taken everything from him could have it all, while he was here locked away his life destroyed.

Finally Kane got up and began pacing. Then he began to thumb through the books Paul had brought. They were the same type of books he’d carried to class back before the fire. He began to read, to work the problems. He was surprised the he actually enjoyed doing so. It felt good to focus on something else.

When Paul returned later to bring down food Kane had one more question. ‘How long?’ Paul looked at the notebook Kane held and asked ‘how long what?’ Kane
cocked his head surprised at Paul’s confusion. He pointed to himself and Paul then the basement himself. Paul looked at Kane and said simply ‘about a year.’
Kane was shocked; he hadn’t thought it had been nearly that long. Paul left the food and returned upstairs, smiling to himself he whispered ‘oh yes, now
it begins.’

‘A year?’ Kane thought ‘that means I’m 13 maybe even almost 14? He wondered what month it was, but had no way of knowing. ’ Kane began to wonder if he could sneak out. Would Paul ever leave that door unlocked? Was there another way out? Then he remembered how winded and tired he got just walking around the room. Well if he had been here a year it had been a year without physical activity. Between that and the fire and healing no wonder he was weak.

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