Re: Help,
Thu Sep 14, 2006 22:06 (XFF:

It seems to be working fine. I just clicked the next page button on your
DiscApp and it took me to the next page.

  • Help,Smiley, Thu Sep 14 21:29
    Hi, My "Next Page" will not work, can anyone help me to fix this so I can go to my next page? Thanks so much. http://disc.server.com/indices/225504.html
    • missing pagajose puga, Sat Oct 14 06:51
      Hello! May be your HTML have a DTD strict or you made your page in XHTML . A missing " or > or < is not assumed . However if it is transitional I think that the browser may assume sometimes.
    • Re: Help, — Tamara, Thu Sep 14 22:06
      • Re: Help,Smiley, Thu Sep 14 22:19
        It did work for you, I just tried, when I click on next page, it does nothing. Think its my pc thats not making it work? Thanks for takeing time out to check it out.
        • Re: Help,Tamara, Fri Sep 15 07:45
          I did find a missing > in your thread break field. This may have been confusing your browser.
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