Re: centering a table
Tue May 15, 2007 10:19 (XFF:

Thanks, Jose, for caring about me.
<table style="padding: 3px; background-color: rgb(1,168, 158); width: 96%; margin-left: 2%; margin-right: 2%;">

works properly and it makes sens.

I have another problem, not concerning HTML source code, but HTML editors. I need one which is able to scale (to magnify) the source code into a larger size. Mostly editors like Mozilla / Netscape Composer or MS Frontpage come with a very small Courier font size as default. Frontpage cannot magnify. I hoped Composer could do it, but I do not find an option.
Can you help me or suggest any browser with the ability needed?
Thanks for your help in advance.
Best regards,
Klaus Beck

  • centering a tablejose puga, Tue May 15 08:27
    Did you try TABLE{margin:--}; ? If you put de same number de margin is equal,at left,at right,to the top and to bottom ... Or use only TABLE{margin-left:--;margin-right:--} (same number to center )
    • Re: centering a table — Anonymous, Tue May 15 10:19
      • font-sizejose puga, Wed May 16 11:15
        I had gone to NVU.Open the editor. If you go to FORMAT you can see a list with sizes for the font. Make the download of NVU if you have have not it. It's free!
      • souce sizejose puga, Wed May 16 05:06
        I think NVU can do that,however I only think: I always define the sizes at the style. I do not define the style inside but between <head> and </head> or in a external sheet. It's easier.... more
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