would anyone know
Sun Dec 16, 2007 18:00 (XFF:

what causes the threads to be centered, as opposed to being listed on the left side of the page?
I'm sure I either deleted something or added something that is now causing my threads to be centered on the homepage, yet when I click on a post, the thread wll be to the left of the page.
I dont use a style sheet, I simply have the prologue defined.

    • Re: would anyone knowTamara, Sun Dec 16 18:29
      There may be an open center tag on the page causing the page to be centered.
      • RE:centered textjose, Tue Dec 18 09:28
        Hello David: I think that is because the default is that:or center or put at left the text,and as you said you do not employ styles. However,they exist,isn't it? That's because you have a kind of... more
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