Thu Jan 10, 2008 12:01 (XFF:

I pushed that submit button like 20 or 30 times. Really. I've got two buttons showing now but if I put more than that than they all dissapear. If I try just typing in the words everything dissapears. Weird huh?

  • Re: buttons dissapearedTamara, Thu Jan 10 07:25
    After you typed the text into the button fields, did you click the submit changes button?
    • yep — Maisey, Thu Jan 10 12:01
      • Re: yepTamara, Thu Jan 10 12:39
        What is your DiscApp id number?
        • Re: yepMaisey, Thu Jan 10 12:55

          • Re: yepTamara, Thu Jan 10 13:18
            We fixed the problem. You should be all set now.
            • same problem I've been havingDavid, Fri Jan 11 00:15
              what is going on with the buttons?
              • Re: same problem I've been havingTamara, Fri Jan 11 10:22
                It was a problem on our end. I think we have it fixed now but please let me know if it starts happening again.
            • Tamara you rock :)Maisey, Thu Jan 10 14:37
              Thank you for working on this for me! Now, do I dare try to put back in my other buttons?
              • I tried to add the other buttons. Everything disapeared again. I managed somehow (I have no idea how) to get it back to the way you had it. I just wanted you to know though that something weird is... more
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