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Proof I can hit the broadside of a barn...
Sat Mar 18, 2017 14:41

Throwing at the 66th TSU relays. I told the USATF official that the protection wall inside the left sector was too close and that I would hit it. He said he would bet me $1,000 that I couldn't... I should have taken him up on the bet!

The wall was 56 meters from the throw line and it was about 8 feet high.

1st Throw - 55.10 meters
2nd Throw - went over the wall and hit the generators
3rd Throw - 56.85 meters
4th Throw - Went over the wall again and hit the generators
5th Throw - Stuck in the top of wall
6th Throw passed
Next three throws were scratches or fouls out of left sector line

I got extra throws because anything that hit the wall or went over didn't count and I got to throw again.

Turn up your sound when you watch the videos.

2nd throw - Over the wall, I wonder how far it would have went?

4th Throw - Over the wall again, I wonder how far it would have went?

5th Throw - Stuck in the wall, I wonder how far it would have went?

I am trying to hit the 60 meter mark with the 800 gram javelin before I turn 50 (and start throwing the 700 gram javelin). I think if the wall wasn't there that I could have broken 60 meters easily...

Any guesses on how far the throws would have went? I am thinking at least 60 meters.

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