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javelin rated distances
Mon Apr 17, 2017 03:44

Can someone please explain the effect of the rated distance on javelins?
FOr example, one of my athletes throws 34m with a 55m rated jav. Would she throw longer with a 40m rated jav or with a 65m rated jav?

    • meter rating on Javelin DOC, Wed May 3 21:09
      The meter rating depicts the softness (versus rigidity) of the implement. In example, a fixed force bow will get more velocity out of a stiff arrow than it will from a bendy arrow. A 35 M is more... more
    • Distance rating coaching4success, Tue May 2 15:54
      Distance rating of javelins as I understand it designates the distance range that the javelin is designed to be thrown. This allows a long thrower to select a higher distance rating (say 75m or 80m)... more
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