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Laura Schwartz
shipping javelins
Tue May 2, 2017 13:26

When we travel with javelins on airlines we just check them in as if they were golf clubs or skis. Most airlines will not charge too much for that, especially if advocate for the lower price. We usually pay just $50.00 extra for javelins.

  • Any suggestions on how to ship a javelin to a competition that requires an airline flight? Some the airlines do not allow anything over 80", and the airlines that do allow a javelin to be checked are ... more
    • Shipping Javelin coaching4success, Tue May 2 15:59
      The airlines are out of control with their extra baggage fees. I run into this when traveling with a surfboard. Some track meets will allow you mail equipment ahead of time to the host's address. You ... more
    • shipping javelins Laura Schwartz, Tue May 2 13:26
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