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meter rating on Javelin
Wed May 3, 2017 21:09

The meter rating depicts the softness (versus rigidity) of the implement. In example, a fixed force bow will get more velocity out of a stiff arrow than it will from a bendy arrow. A 35 M is more compliant than an 80M Javelin. If your technique and power are up to it, you will get better velocity (and hence better distance) from the stiffer 80M. On the other hand, if your technique is not so good or your joints are sort of old, the more compliant implement is for you. It is not unreasonable to match the number to your general performance as measured by distance. Or so I have been told

  • javelin rated distances christhesweep, Mon Apr 17 03:44
    Can someone please explain the effect of the rated distance on javelins? FOr example, one of my athletes throws 34m with a 55m rated jav. Would she throw longer with a 40m rated jav or with a 65m... more
    • meter rating on Javelin DOC, Wed May 3 21:09
    • Distance rating coaching4success, Tue May 2 15:54
      Distance rating of javelins as I understand it designates the distance range that the javelin is designed to be thrown. This allows a long thrower to select a higher distance rating (say 75m or 80m)... more
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