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throwing frequence
Fri Jul 20, 2018 09:38

Tom Petranoff
throwing frequence
Sun Nov 17, 2002

I did not throw much. Weighted ball, sand tubes and medicine balls were my main focus. You need to work on feel and rythem when javelin training. Throwing hard frequently is bad for your body. most american throwers do tend to throw too much and not develop the stroke at low and medium intensity mixed in with drills that help you understand how to get the feel of stretch reflex to happen automatically. I threw twice a week and one was low and next would be medium and close to season full approach 80 percent max. Take one of the weakest athletes I new was Heino Puuste who threw 86 meters yet never lifted weights and threw every day. But he never threw hard. only at meets. Another 300 footer Brian Crouser threw until his elbow froze. He just had to throw all the time. Find what works for you. Everyone is different and the task is to find the stroke and embed it your brain. What works for Sid or me may not work for you.I barely warmed up for competition, taking few throws. But I was very strong and had good rythem and thats the key.

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