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Liz Gleadle
SpearSafe javelin protectors
Wed Aug 22, 2018 14:55

Hey fellow throwers!

I invented SpearSafe, a javelin travel and protection device. It holds 4-5 Javelins depending on the style, is designed to fit most tubes, and works GREAT!

No more wrapping javs in towels or cringing at the rattle of the tails on a road trip! Javelins slide easily in and out of a tube as one unit, so no more playing Tetris to make it all fit!

I've posted a couple videos of how SpearSafe works on my Instagram (@javelizz), and I'm trying to fund the production phase via pre-orders on IndieGoGo:

This is a passion project - I've been using the prototype for a couple years and thought it was useful enough to share with other throwers. My goal isn't to "make money", but to make something of value and learn about business!

There is only a couple weeks left for the campaign to hit it's goal, so if you're interested please pre-order!!!

I'm also selling some signed Team Canada Jerseys, speeches, or javelin lessons to help fund the venture.

Thanks :)
Liz Gleadle

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