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Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:42am

* The nekojin Suka noticed the figure enter the kitchen and quickly grabs Lin and Lieu by their wrists and pulls them behind her as her own ears flicker in frustration*

do not make yourselves comfy here, we are guests!

* she says as she regains composure letting their arms go and turns to Z*

AH Hello,....s...sorry for Lin and Lieu..they have simply forgot over the excitment of fish their manners...

* she nods her head a little looking like a long lost mother of Yukato*
I'm Suka and these two trouble makers are Lin and Lieu, they are antsy to get back home it appears.....

  • *pauses on her way to Artemis's room*Z, Wed Mar 15 1:32am
    *her ears twitch* What the hell? *turns around to head for the Kitchen instead, and stops again in the doorway, raising an eyebrow* Err... Good evening?
    • =0.0=.... — *~*~*, Wed Mar 15 10:42am
      • Fish is delicious, after all. You must be the ones Jasmine* told me brought Artemis home? *enters the Kitchen properly and grins more at the younger two* No need to apologize for the ruckus, it's the ... more
        • * grins as well as she shrugs a little*Suka, Fri Mar 17 12:40am
          ah yes well..kittins are kittins... and these two have been on their best so far.... But yes * nods* we have been in search of the forest guardian here, we were told to speak to them tho we have had... more
          • *crosses the room to the refrigerator and, with great ceremony, opens it to produce a ridiculously large platter of sashimi, two long rows of tuna and salmon flanked by an assortment of other fish in ... more
            • * grins a bit*Suka, Sun Mar 19 1:19pm
              * watches as Z pulls out a tray of all sorts of goodies and fish * This is more then enough I think ! I thank you very much ! * the twins cant help themselves as they bow and thank Z for the food and ... more
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