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* grins as well as she shrugs a little*
Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:40am

ah yes well..kittins are kittins...
and these two have been on their best so far....

But yes
* nods*
we have been in search of the forest guardian here, we were told to speak to them tho we have had no luck. We have come to return Artemis back to this dwelling. Jasmine took her to her room for rest.
That kitten sleeps a lot....

* Lin and Liu's ears perk at the sound of more fish to be served and they both nod and intrupt the adults speaking*
Yes we are very hungry! We would love more! Suka let us have more please! ......and more to take home...

  • Fish is delicious, after all. You must be the ones Jasmine* told me brought Artemis home? *enters the Kitchen properly and grins more at the younger two* No need to apologize for the ruckus, it's the ... more
    • * grins as well as she shrugs a little* — Suka, Fri Mar 17 12:40am
      • *crosses the room to the refrigerator and, with great ceremony, opens it to produce a ridiculously large platter of sashimi, two long rows of tuna and salmon flanked by an assortment of other fish in ... more
        • * grins a bit*Suka, Sun Mar 19 1:19pm
          * watches as Z pulls out a tray of all sorts of goodies and fish * This is more then enough I think ! I thank you very much ! * the twins cant help themselves as they bow and thank Z for the food and ... more
          • *leans against the counter as she listens, her ears twitching at the mention of Anotsu in trouble... after which her eyes widen at the news and she looks toward the hallway, clearly upset* Poor... more
            • * she nods slowly* Yukato is among is own now. His family and kin. It has been a very ....very long time... it is hard to know how he is adjusting now but he is conflicted. He will be allowed to... more
              • *after a moment, she sighs* I see. This is... unfortunate, but it sounds as though things could be much worse. *straightens and paces around the Kitchen for a bit, her ears twitching as she thinks,... more
                • I'm sorry this news is a bit troubling, but I assure you Anotsu will be free in time. No punishment is in order...but he was not permitted to see Artemis, not in this state, we were afraid he would... more
                  • *relaxes again and nods* Good.Z, Thu Mar 23 1:25am
                    I'm not saying I don't plan to clobber Anotsu with the nearest piece of furniture next time I see him for getting the two of them into this... but I wouldn't like him to suffer much beyond that when... more
                    • No harm will come to Anotsu, knowingSuka, Fri Mar 24 1:14am
                      that he can return to this realm is easing, for we can not have him in our clan any more, banishment if you will unless proven other wise... * nods in agreement* She will have some issues ahead, but... more
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