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* ears flicker softly as she eats a piece of fish*
Wed Mar 22, 2017 5:06am

I'm sorry this news is a bit troubling, but I assure you Anotsu will be free in time. No punishment is in order...but he was not permitted to see Artemis, not in this state, we were afraid he would run off with her, perhaps find her mother...or Kin, and we could not allow it, not untill we found you.
We want to try and find his kin, and return him to his kind, but it has been proven very difficult. And we fear his kin might be gone. Its bee a very long time...

Yukato will visit her as well...he has every right to see her when she is...doing better. This form should not last long, and she will age quickly until she has reached the age of when she origionally transformed. But who knows how long that will be.

She will regain memories from her past which will be the most troubling for her to adjust the now and the past. But its nothing to worry about. She had seemed to adjust well when we met her before the accident.

* ears flicker as she suddnely remembers*

ah yes...

* goes to her pocket and pulls out a necklace, adorned with little charms and stones* This is Artemis's necklace. She wore it to help keep herself balanced and memories in order, she will need this as the time comes close, and she will need to wear it again.
* hands the necklace over to Z*

  • *after a moment, she sighs* I see. This is... unfortunate, but it sounds as though things could be much worse. *straightens and paces around the Kitchen for a bit, her ears twitching as she thinks,... more
    • * ears flicker softly as she eats a piece of fish* — Suka, Wed Mar 22 5:06am
      • *relaxes again and nods* Good.Z, Thu Mar 23 1:25am
        I'm not saying I don't plan to clobber Anotsu with the nearest piece of furniture next time I see him for getting the two of them into this... but I wouldn't like him to suffer much beyond that when... more
        • No harm will come to Anotsu, knowingSuka, Fri Mar 24 1:14am
          that he can return to this realm is easing, for we can not have him in our clan any more, banishment if you will unless proven other wise... * nods in agreement* She will have some issues ahead, but... more
          • That's too bad...Z, Fri Mar 24 2:12am
            I'm sure Artemis would like to see her mother but I have no idea where she is, either. *smiles a bit at last* Well, I'm glad to stand as official babysitter in the meantime. Send word if there's any... more
            • Theis is a shame she cant find her, but we know this has been a on going issue apparently, and Anotsu has been looking for her since he has apparently been free. We thank you for taking care of her.... more
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