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Great Destroyer
*takes a seat nearby, then listens while watching*
Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:19am

There are... Plenty of things in the lake, monster included!


But it's not something so bad, really.... I'm surprised it's
something that Z would bring up at all.

*nods and smiles*

Oh, good! I was actually gonna ask if you'd found what it
was you were looking for! I'm glad to hear it!

  • Excellent!Zuthras, Thu Aug 24 3:14am
    Make yourself comfortable. *takes a moment to start a fire beneath the pot, then seats himself on one of the nearby logs to start skinning the rabbits with a small knife from his belt* Very much so,... more
    • *takes a seat nearby, then listens while watching* — Great Destroyer, Thu Aug 24 3:19am
      • Indeed? Zuthras, Thu Aug 24 3:30am
        I was fishing much of yesterday, it's just as well I stayed on the shoreline! *sets the rabbit pelts aside and cleans his knife* It wasn't Z who entertained me with tales of the lake monster, we... more
        • *headtilt* Great Destroyer, Thu Aug 24 3:35am
          ... Oh dear. *chuckles and shakes his head* It seems like there's been a bit of a mix up! You see, Z is my wife, Jas is pretty much my best friend! Sorry if we somehow confused you!
          • What? You mean to tell me... *his grip on the knife tightens* You're married to Z?
            • *his eyes give the swiftest of glances#Great Destroyer, Thu Aug 24 3:43am
              to Zuthras' hands as he nods, again with an apologetic smile* Indeed so, friend! Maybe she could provide refreshments for what should be a awesome meal!
              • *remains quiet in thought*Zuthras, Thu Aug 24 3:56am
                ...Ah, the error was mine in making that assumption when I met Jasmine, and she was kind enough not to dwell on my mistake. *he abruptly sets down the knife and rabbit carcass, jumping to his feet as ... more
                • *laughs nervously#Great Destroyer, Thu Aug 24 4:00am
                  quickly dissipating the swirl of wind that had began to pick up around them the moment Zuthras had moved* I most certainly agree that perhaps many explanations are in order!
                  • No need for explanations, my boy!Zuthras, Thu Aug 24 4:07am
                    Ah, not on your part, it's been my own doing that led to this confusion. The excitement of finding her, you see, it's shaken my wits. *clapping GD on the shoulder, he releases him and takes a step... more
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