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*reading out by the lake*
Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:32am

*soaking her feet in the water*

    • *casually takes a seat beside her#Great Destroyer, Sat Aug 26 4:19am
      dipping his feet in as well* Heya! !
      • *smiles broadly, setting the book down*Jasmine*, Sat Aug 26 11:16pm
        Well hello stranger! *gives him a sideways hug*
        • *returns the hug warmly*Great Destroyer, Sat Aug 26 11:33pm
          Heya! How's it hanging?
          • Pretty goodJasmine*, Sun Aug 27 12:21am
            It has been a long time since I saw you last. What have you been up to?
            • *grins* Great Destroyer, Sun Aug 27 1:17am
              I went on vacation! *leans close and whispers* Some of it was even off world!
              • *look of shock*Jasmine*, Sun Aug 27 1:22am
                Vacation? No way! I don't believe you. Where did you go?
                • *ponders*Great Destroyer, Sun Aug 27 1:36am
                  Hmm... Well here on Earth we went to New York, Paris, and Hong Kong to name a few!
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