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Hmm... bacon flavor, or chicken?
Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:35pm

*holding a freshly laundered Breakfast, she pokes around in the refrigerator*

I think there's some steak, too. What do you think?

*listens to Breakfast yipping in equal favor of all options*

All right, triple meat feast it is, but only since it's a special occasion.

    • *dashes in, doing his best to wag his tail* Great Destroyer, Sun Aug 27 2:11am
      • *blinks and looks up*Z, Sun Aug 27 2:17am
        Oh, hello there boy! I think we're going to need a bigger bowl for your dinner. *ruffles Breakfast's fur and leaves him to devour the tiny dish of meats, then pats GD's head next before starting to... more
        • *lightly pounces on her and licks her face several times#Great Destroyer, Sun Aug 27 2:20am
          before retreating with laughter* Something like that! *he moves behind her this time, wrapping his arms around her waist yet still allowing her to move about* Actually, I was having a conversation... more
          • *squeaks and flails* GD!!!Z, Sun Aug 27 2:34am
            Down boy, or you won't get a meat feast too! *purrs and nuzzles against him before resuming her work slicing a steak* All right, that's better. *she goes still at the name, her grip on the knife... more
            • *nuzzles the back of her neck* Great Destroyer, Sun Aug 27 2:35am
              I'm alright, Beloved, the peace was still kept... *fidgets* But...
              • I'm glad.Z, Sun Aug 27 2:38am
                I'd really rather spend tonight playing with you and Breakfast, not hunting that interloper down. *carefully finishes with the steak, and starts chopping bacon to sprinkle on top* But?
                • *fidgets again* Great Destroyer, Sun Aug 27 2:42am
                  But... I learned something that frankly I really, really wish I hadn't. At least not before you did, anyway, because now I'm in more than a bit of an awkward position.
                  • Hmm?Z, Sun Aug 27 2:48am
                    Doesn't seem awkward, I've always rather enjoyed it. Let me guess, he's declared passionate love for Kibito and asked you to attend the wedding.
    • *sets the puppy down nearby*Z, Sun Aug 27 2:02am
      Where are all your dishes? I hope GD hasn't been using them for cereal again... Ah, here we go. *slices, dices, and quickly produces a tiny bowl of meat for the now hyperactively excited Breakfast*... more
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