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Great Destroyer
Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:36am

Hmm... Well here on Earth we went to New York, Paris, and Hong Kong to name a few!

  • *look of shock*Jasmine*, Sun Aug 27 1:22am
    Vacation? No way! I don't believe you. Where did you go?
    • *ponders* — Great Destroyer, Sun Aug 27 1:36am
      • Oh wow!Jasmine*, Mon Aug 28 12:10am
        That was a vacation! So many amazing places!
        • *nodnod*Great Destroyer, Mon Aug 28 2:07am
          Yeah! And you wouldn't believe the off world places we went!
          • I'm still impressed with the on world places.Jasmine*, Tue Aug 29 12:25am
            *waves her book* I've been time traveling.
            • *his eyes widen* Great Destroyer, Wed Aug 30 3:38am
              Really!? *scratches his head as he ponders* I haven't quite been able to figure out how to do that yet! Is it fun?
              • I think so!Jasmine*, Wed Aug 30 11:11pm
                But I do like to read! This time travel was all the way back to the year 1155 and the rise of King Henry II of England
                • *boggles a bit*Great Destroyer, Thu Aug 31 2:03am
                  Ohwow! There were alot of those guys wasn't there? What made the second one stand out?
                  • He married Eleninor of Aquitaine Jasmine*, Thu Aug 31 10:23pm
                    And he was the father of King Richard I and Prince/King John of Robin Hood fame. He probably also did something good for England too but I can't remember *grins*
                    • *follows closely, nodding slowly*Great Destroyer, Sat Sep 2 5:47am
                      Sounds like a busy guy! I mean, I get it, he's a king and all but... Definitely sounds like a super busy guy... *ponders a moment* I mean, when did he even nap?
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