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*his smile doesn't fade, but he sighs*
Sun Sep 3, 2017 2:31am

Well, at least we've made some progress, if you're willing to entertain the notion of proving what I say.

*holds out one hand toward her*

What do you require of me, magic of an active variety? The words of my mind?

  • *goes very still*Z, Sun Sep 3 2:14am
    *the glow of her eyes does not increase, but seems to blank out any trace of her expression for a long moment* ... *takes an audible breath before speaking with unconvinced derision* Surely you can... more
    • *his smile doesn't fade, but he sighs* — Zuthras, Sun Sep 3 2:31am
      • *moves as he's still speaking*Z, Sun Sep 3 2:35am
        *she blurs into view in front of him with one hand raised, her fingers straight as her hand flashes out to stab into his arm just above the inside of the elbow, and retracts it again just as quickly, ... more
        • *grunts in surprise and leans back*Zuthras, Sun Sep 3 2:37am
          Ka--Z! That was hardly... *trails off as she's already vanished, and sighs again as he staunches the flow of deeply purple blood with his other hand" Still as rash as ever, I see. *he watches the... more
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