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Great Destroyer
*paces in the kitchen with Breakfast weaving between his#
Sun Sep 3, 2017 3:35am


Can't remember the last time I felt this angsty...

    • yip!Breakfast, Sun Sep 3 3:55am
      *tries to nibble GD's toes and pace at the same time*
      • *begins to do a shuffle dance to avoid him, laughing*Great Destroyer, Sun Sep 3 3:57am
        Gotta be faster than that!
        • *her ears swivel around and she pinpoints him a bit slower with her eyes, which look a bit shadowed against the paler cast than usual of her complexion* ...
          • *immediately moves to take her in his arms*Great Destroyer, Sun Sep 3 4:31am
            So,he must have told you...
            • GD...Z, Sun Sep 3 4:39am
              *winces as her voice cracks, decidedly hoarse* Yes. I've been at my Lab. I wanted to do away with that idea immediately.
              • *caresses her cheek* Great Destroyer, Sun Sep 3 4:40am
                • *her ears flatten*Z, Sun Sep 3 4:47am
                  The results were... inconclusive. As I feared they might be. Whoever he is, whatever he is, he's doing a damn good job making a flimsy case for himself. *nuzzles into his touch* I should have checked ... more
                  • *kisses her forehead*Great Destroyer, Sun Sep 3 5:00am
                    No need to apologize, Dearest. I understand completely your desire to see this resolved as soon as possible. Anything I can do to help?
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