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* Quietly makes his way up the steps to the cliffhouse*
Sat Sep 9, 2017 11:55pm

* Silently as possible he opens the door and takes a peek inside the house*

* His ears flicker as he glances around the living space, and makes his way inside, closing the door behind him*

* He looks to the steps and makes his way up quickly as he expression turns to concern as he reaches Artemis's room. He hasen't seen her since the incident....and hopes she was delivered safely* .

* He waits as he stands in front of the door as he entering the room, slowly opening the door and poking his head inside*

* His eyes scan the room as he makes his way slowly to her bed, and to his relief sees a tiny sleeping Artemis*


* His ears fall a little as he gently picks up the sleeping neko kitten, wrapping her in her blanket*

*he whispers softly in his mother tongue Nekojin to her as he cradles her, walking out of her room*

    • * enters the kitchen*Yukato, Sun Sep 10 1:08am
      * holding the kitten in his arm, he searches the fridge for something to eat. Pulling out some milk and fish, he goes to the pantry and pulls out some crackers and dried fruits and piles his finds on ... more
      • * eats slowly in silence as he glances down*Yukato, Sun Sep 10 3:46am
        * and looks at the sleeping kitten in his arms. She was so cute when she slept, so small. * * He speaks softly to her in Nekojin as he continues to eat* Artemis, you are so small still....but don't... more
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