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* eats slowly in silence as he glances down*
Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:46am

* and looks at the sleeping kitten in his arms. She was so cute when she slept, so small. *
* He speaks softly to her in Nekojin as he continues to eat*
Artemis, you are so small still....but don't worry, you will be big in no time! Z might be able to help this time and we will get you to be as good as new.....

* he sighs as he eats in silence for a moment again, the house very quiet*

  • * enters the kitchen*Yukato, Sun Sep 10 1:08am
    * holding the kitten in his arm, he searches the fridge for something to eat. Pulling out some milk and fish, he goes to the pantry and pulls out some crackers and dried fruits and piles his finds on ... more
    • * eats slowly in silence as he glances down* — Yukato, Sun Sep 10 3:46am
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