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* gives Z a soft smile as he returns the hug*
Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:03am

* nods as he glances at Artemis*
Im alright...Its been quite the ..well..adventure I guess to say the least.
*shakes his head a bit* ...No I have not seen Anotsu since it happened...but I hear he is alright.

* he glances at Z again as his ears flicker as he nods *..Well..sorta..not very well in detail.
I just know somehow someway, we found my kin. After staying a while, Anotsu learned of their plight and offered to help them.
He says I was far to young to join him in such fights, But somehow someway Artemis was sneaky and followed him.
After that she was brought back as a Kitten again..
like when I found her the first time. you think you might be able to help?

  • Yukato!Z, Tue Sep 12 5:18am
    *veers toward him instead and gives him a hug around his armful of kitten* I'm so glad to see you! Are you all right? Have you heard anything from Anotsu? *blinks as she notices his hesitation* Why... more
    • * gives Z a soft smile as he returns the hug* — Yukato, Tue Sep 12 10:03am
      • *her serious expression quirks into a smile at the mention of Artemis being sneaky* Miscreant little kitten... It must have been frustrating for her to hear that her father was going off to fight and ... more
        • * laughs a littel*Yukato, Wed Sep 13 12:44am
          Yea, she really wanted to help, she was convinced she could...Anotsu of course told her no... And well, the out come was not intended.. Anotsu is ok though. I hope he makes his way back here soon if... more
          • I haven't seen him yet...Z, Fri Sep 15 3:48am
            *her ears fold back a bit and she scowls* I have been slightly distracted. There's been a stranger around lately who keeps taking up my time... *waves a hand and shakes her head* But as for Artemis,... more
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