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I haven't seen him yet...
Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:48am

*her ears fold back a bit and she scowls*

I have been slightly distracted. There's been a stranger around lately who keeps taking up my time...

*waves a hand and shakes her head*

But as for Artemis, you don't have to worry. I'll still speak to Anotsu first just to be sure of the aging trajectory he wants, and I can use the time until then to run calculations.

*eyes Yukato as if deciding something about him, then smiles and continues*

I've used the same techniques on most of my children. Accelerating their early growth until they reached an age where their own powers started to develop meant they could protect themselves sooner if something should happen to me.

  • * laughs a littel*Yukato, Wed Sep 13 12:44am
    Yea, she really wanted to help, she was convinced she could...Anotsu of course told her no... And well, the out come was not intended.. Anotsu is ok though. I hope he makes his way back here soon if... more
    • I haven't seen him yet... — Z, Fri Sep 15 3:48am
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