Re: Episodios español
Tue Feb 16, 2016 19:49

Buenas, estaría interesado. Q episodios tienes?

  • Re: Episodios españolDavid, Sun May 31 12:06
    hola, yo tengo un montón de episodios de Santa Bárbara en español si estas interesado
    • Re: Episodios español — Anonymous, Tue Feb 16 19:49
    • Santa Bárbara episodes englishDavid, Sun Jun 14 01:12
      I also have a lot of english eps, from the 1 until 300, and a lot of from 300 to 1000 in english and spanish
      • Santa Barbara episodesKerry, Thu Feb 11 22:46
        Hello, I would love to get these episodes. Do you have them online or in a torrent. How could I get them from you? Kind regards
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