Tue Aug 30, 2016 15:50

Hi...In episode 173, Kelly tells her father that Sophia helped her and Joe from the very time he got out of prison.
I was wondering if there is an actual episode where Sophia tells Kelly she was Dominic. I cannot find one.
Thanks! I love your website!

    • Re: DominicNicolas, Tue Aug 30 18:08
      Hi Kristine, I don't recall that neither. I'm currently re-watching these 1985 episodes, so I'll be able to tell you soon if that ever happened! :-) Nicolas
      • Re: DominicAnonymous, Tue Aug 30 18:29
        Thanks. Please let me know.
        • Re: DominicNicolas, Mon Oct 10 22:43
          Hi Kristine, I can give you confirmation tonight that Sophia never told Kelly that she was Dominic, at least not on-screen. After Joe's funeral, Sophia just told Kelly that Joe once said to her that... more
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