Joe Perkins Ghost
Joe Perkins
Tue Sep 13, 2016 20:12

As much as I loved Eden and Cruz the chemistry with Robin and Dane was beyond electric. Joe and Kelly should have been the main supercouple. I know that would have happened if Dane stayed on the show.

  • Re: Joe PerkinsNicolas, Tue Sep 13 17:48
    Yes, I remember he was fired because of his (bad) behavior on the stage - it seems he was quite capricious, often late, things like that. But I'm totally agree that it was a big maistake to let him... more
    • Joe Perkins — Joe Perkins Ghost, Tue Sep 13 20:12
      • Re: Joe PerkinsNicolas, Wed Sep 14 17:52
        I'm just totally agree with you! ;-)
        • Re: Joe PerkinsBrian Cherry, Wed May 10 02:46
          While I preferred the original Joe, the recast was also good, and much better with Kelly than Nick, Kelly's next love interest. Does anyone know why tptb decided to kill off Joe? If it's just because ... more
          • Re: Joe PerkinsNicolas, Wed May 10 18:05
            Even if I also liked Mark Arnold as Joe, I think it wasn't the case of all the SB fans then. The recast didn't completely work. So that's why the producers decided to let Joe disappear and to offer... more
            • Re: Joe PerkinsBrian Cherry, Thu May 11 04:37
              Thanks for the link to the very insightful interview! I figured that Mark wasn't as popular as Dane, which is why he was killed off, but it's interesting to learn that it was partially Mark's... more
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